What is Shopee Guarantee, How it Works, and How to Extend?

Have you ever worried about online transactions going south? Dread no more because Shopee offers a solution – “Shopee Guarantee.” Shopee Guarantee ensures buyers and sellers have a secure and easy shopping experience. It’s a safety net that helps foster trust in the bustling world of e-commerce.

But did you know there’s also an “Extend Shopee Guarantee”? Stick with us as we dive deep into the “What is Shopee Guarantee?” and its extension, demystifying how they work for you. No more lingering uncertainties; let’s embrace the future of worry-free online shopping!


What is Shopee Guarantee?

What is Shopee Guarantee?

Online shopping is indeed a convenience, but it’s not without risks. A significant concern of shoppers is – “What if I don’t receive the item, or it’s not as described?” That’s where ‘Shopee Guarantee’ steps in.

Shopee Guarantee is a program formed to build and uphold trust between buyers and sellers. It’s a safety lock that ensures that your money is not transferred to the seller until you have received the product and are satisfied with it.

Here’s how it works: when you purchase an item, your payment first lands in the Shopee Guarantee fund, not the seller’s pocket. The money is held securely by Shopee and only released to the seller when you acknowledge that you’ve received the right product in good condition. But what if there’s an issue with the product? Fret not! Shopee provides an efficient return and refund procedure. Our previous blog post on how to return an item in Shopee is your comprehensive guide.

Shopee Guarantee doesn’t only benefit buyers, but it also protects sellers from payment scams and false claims, establishing a reliable shopping environment. It infuses confidence in sellers knowing that the buyer has made the payment, and it’s safely tucked away, ready to be transferred once the transaction is successful.

In essence, Shopee Guarantee is much like a trusted third-party facilitator that protects both parties’ interests, providing a secure and trustworthy shopping experience that encourages the joy of online shopping.


How Does Shopee Guarantee Work?

Navigating through the world of e-commerce may seem complicated, but Shopee Guarantee’s mechanism is designed to be as straightforward as possible. Here are the step-by-step processes:

  1. The buyer makes a purchase: Once you’ve chosen your desired product, you make the payment which is held securely by Shopee.
  2. Seller ships the product: The seller is informed about the sale and ships the product. The funds remain with Shopee during this period.
  3. Buyer confirms receipt: After receiving the product, you, as the buyer, are expected to click on the “Order Received” button in the app.
  4. Payment is released to the seller: Once you confirm receipt and satisfaction with the product, Shopee releases your payment to the seller.

What happens if a product does not match your expectations or you haven’t received it? Well, this is where Shopee Guarantee really shines. Buyers have a specific window of time – the Shopee Guarantee period – to raise a refund or return request. Should you not confirm the receipt of the product, Shopee Guarantee is automatically extended, further safeguarding your purchase.

How Does Shopee Guarantee Work?

To raise a refund:

  • You must click the “Refund/Return” button on your order details page.
  • Following this, specify your reason for doing so. It could be a delayed delivery, a wrong item received, or a product not as described.

Shopee Guarantee is a testament to the platform’s dedication to ensuring a safe, secure, and delightful shopping experience for all its users.


What is Extended Shopee Guarantee?

While Shopee Guarantee is a fantastic safety net for your online shopping adventures, there could be instances when you may need a little more time to evaluate the product or await its arrival. That’s when the “Extended Shopee Guarantee” comes into play.

Extended Shopee Guarantee is a one-time, 3-day extension offered to buyers who seek more time to confirm their orders or assess the purchased items. To avail of this extension, you simply need to click the “Extend Shopee Guarantee” button on your order details page within the Shopee app.

Some benefits of the Extended Shopee Guarantee include:

  • More Time to Assess: Extra days allow you to thoroughly examine the product and ensure it ticks all the boxes.
  • Awaiting Delivery: If you are facing delivery delays, this extension provides a cushion while your order is in transit.

However, there are limitations:

  • One-time Use: This 3-day extension can only be used once per order, emphasizing the importance of prompt assessment.
  • Buyer-seller Communication: Prioritize communicating with the seller if issues arise since the extension doesn’t reset the clock completely.

Extended Shopee Guarantee offers an added layer of protection, ensuring that enough time is provided for you to make educated decisions about your order.


How to Extend Shopee Guarantee?

Whether your order is delayed or you need more time to evaluate your product, thanks to Shopee, extending your guarantee is just a few taps away. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Shopee account and navigate to your order details page.
  2. Click on the ‘Extend Shopee Guarantee’ button at the bottom of your order details.
  3. You’ll see a pop-up confirmation message. Click ‘Extend Now’ to confirm.

And voila, your Shopee Guarantee is now extended by an additional three days!

How to Extend Shopee Guarantee?

Before deciding to extend your Shopee Guarantee, it’s essential to keep in mind a few factors:

  • Consider Communication – Before opting for an extension, contact the seller to understand any delay or express concerns about the product received.
  • Understand The Limit – Remember, the extension is a one-time offer. Assess your situation and choose wisely.
  • Plan Timely Assessments – Given the time limit, plan for a timely product examination to ensure satisfaction.

Armed with the option to extend, you can now navigate your Shopee shopping experience more flexibly and confidently.



What happens when Shopee Guarantee ends?

When Shopee Guarantee ends, the protection window covering your purchase closes. If you’ve not confirmed the receipt of the ordered item, Shopee automatically transfers the payment to the seller. To avoid this, ensure you confirm the order upon delivery or seek the one-time 3-day extension if necessary.

Is extending Shopee Guarantee free?

Yes, extending Shopee Guarantee is free of charge! You are entitled to a one-time 3-day extension if you require extra time to assess the product received or if the order hasn’t arrived yet. Utilize this feature mindfully to maximize protection on your purchases.

How do I check my Shopee Guarantee?

Checking your Shopee Guarantee is simple. Log into your Shopee account, head to the ‘My Purchases’ section, and select the specific order. The remaining Shopee Guarantee period is displayed on the order details page, letting you know the time left before the guarantee expires.


The Bottom Line

Shopee Guarantee is a powerful feature that safeguards your purchases, assuring that your hard-earned money is held securely until the product meets your expectations. The option to extend this guarantee adds a layer of flexibility, allowing an extra 3-day window when needed.

From understanding what Shopee guarantee is and how it works to knowing its extension process, this guide has you covered. With the confidence that the Shopee Guarantee program provides, we encourage you to explore the exciting world of Shopee’s vast product range.

Happy shopping, and remember to make the most out of Shopee Guarantee for a secure, carefree shopping experience!



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