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Hi! I’m Karyn, the founder of HomeTopPicks. While I’m excited for you to learn more about me further down the page, I first want to extend a warm and hearty thank you for being here. Your curiosity in getting to know us means the world to our entire team, and we’re grateful to have you join our journey.

So, why did I roll up my sleeves and dive into constructing this website?

Well, picture those long, tiring days at work (or if you’re like me, in your home office), where you can’t wait to kick back in the sanctuary of your own home. Everyone dreams of coming back to a neat and cozy space, isn’t that right?

But let’s face it, such comfort doesn’t simply materialize out of thin air. Always having a clean, tidy and inviting house, a pot of warm soup and delicious rice on the table really takes some serious effort. It’s a continuous mission for you, your family, or anyone living under the same roof.

This is where my fascination with cutting-edge gadgets and appliances comes in! These little helpers can do wonders in simplifying household chores and enhancing our lives. Enamored by this union of convenience and quality, I decided to share my passion. Hence, this website was born, providing you with insightful home care tips and product recommendations to guide you toward that dream home, one gadget at a time.

What core values does HomeTopPicks stand for?

Practicality: Every kernel of information and guideline we share through our posts is aimed at addressing a hiccup or challenge that’s been stumping you. We steer clear of fluff and fleeting trends; instead, we’re here to offer real, actionable solutions.

Integrity: The advice we offer draws from our deep well of knowledge, understanding and personal time in the trenches of home care and appliance shopping. We don’t push product recommendations based on monetary gains. We stand by a product because we believe it can truly cater to a specific need or rectify a problem for our consumers.

Growth: We’re well aware that the home appliance scene is forever in flux. If you encounter any piece of information that seems outdated or no longer beneficial, please drop us a line. We’re all ears and hungry for improvement, eager to elevate the quality of HomeTopPicks.

Our Team

It’s clear that my knowledge of all things home care has its limits. That’s why I’ve teamed up with a group of home enthusiasts to create content for HomeTopPicks. Our talented collaborators bring their expertise, know-how, and hands-on experience with home products to the table. Together, we’re dedicated to providing you with helpful, accurate, and timely information.

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Karyn (Founder & Editor-in-Chief)

Karyn, an IIN Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition since 2021, has a deep passion for healthy living. Her love for nutrition extends to cooking wholesome recipes, and she enjoys exploring different types of exercises, particularly yoga. 

As a dedicated wellness enthusiast, Karyn brings her expertise to HomeTopPicks, where she leads the Kitchen and Home Gym sections. She provides credible product recommendations backed by her knowledge of nutrition and fitness. Karyn aspires to guide others on their health journeys with her insightful tips and informed product suggestions.

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Email: karyn@hometoppicks.com

Tony (Content Writer – Electronics and Entertainment Equipment Sections)

Tony is an experienced engineer at a local electronic goods manufacturer and a confirmed tech enthusiast. He is always on the lookout for the most recent innovations in home appliances and gadgets to enhance life’s comfort and excitement. 

As an active part of the Hometoppicks team, Tony heads the Electronics and Entertainment Equipment sections. His hands-on experience in the tech industry and a keen interest in emerging technologies equip him to recommend the finest products. 

Trust Tony to provide useful, up-to-date information and suggest top-notch tech products, defining his commitment to quality and innovation.

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Adele (Content Writer – Online Shopping Section)

Adele, the youngest member of the Hometoppicks team, possesses a lively spirit and understanding of Gen Z’s affinity for technology and fresh market trends. She employs this unique perspective to manage Shopping-related content at Hometoppicks. 

With her agility, understanding, and experience in online shopping, Adele provides readers with valuable information and recommendations, helping them find cost-effective and intriguing purchasing solutions. Trust in Adele’s comprehensive market knowledge and keen grasp on trends to guide you toward the best shopping decisions in the tech-savvy world.

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Beryl (Content Writer – Home Care Sections)

Beryl, a Pharmacy graduate, brings her academic knowledge and passion for a cozy home to the team at Hometoppicks. An introverted young woman deeply interested in making homes comfortable and convenient, she has spent over three years researching and testing household and home care products. 

At Hometoppicks, Beryl heads the household products and home care section. Her meticulous nature and profound understanding of products guarantee readers receive reliable advice and product suggestions. Count on Beryl for trusted guidance and knowledge to make your home a better place.

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