Expert Top 5 Picks: Best Chiller Philippines (2024 Edition)

Discover the ultimate guide to the best chiller Philippines! Our expert reviews offer insights into top choices for home and commercial use.
Fujidenzo SU-90A2

Picture this: scorching summer days, a refreshing glass of iced lemonade, and perfectly chilled beverages on hand whenever you desire. It’s not a dream; it’s the magic of a chiller. In the Philippines, where the heat can be relentless, finding the best chiller Philippines becomes essential.

Join us to discover the ultimate cooling companion to keep your drinks fresh and food and comfort levels soaring in the tropics. Let’s get started!

Fujidenzo SU-90A2
9 cu.ft, 3 adjustable shelves, see-through double glass door
Eurotek EGS255IS
Eurotek EGS255IS Best Inverter Chiller
Inverter compressor, big blower, manual defrost
Fujidenzo SU-35A2
Fujidenzo SU-35A2 Best Mini Chiller
3.5 cu. Ft, 3 adjustable shelves, easy to use

Best Chiller Philippines 2024: Top 5 Reviewed

Fujidenzo 9 cu. ft. Showcase Chiller SU-90A2

Best Overall Chiller Philippines

Best Overall Chiller Fujidenzo 9 cu. ft.  SU-90A2
  • Price: ₱20,600
  • Power: 167 W
  • Electronic level controls: 7
  • Capacity: 255L
  • Dimensions( h:w:d ): 1790: 530: 580mm
  • High energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 220.
  • Spacious 9 cu. Ft.capacity.
  • Adjustable coated shelves for versatile storage.
  • Durable aluminum inner lining.
  • It may occupy more space due to its size.

In the scorching heat of the Philippines, a reliable refrigerator is indispensable, especially for businesses peddling ice-cold beverages and dishes.

The Fujidenzo SU-90A2 exceeds expectations. This 9 cu. Ft. chiller boasts an impressive energy efficiency ratio of 220, ensuring exceptional value for your investment. Its spacious interior, with a see-through double glass door, is perfect for ice storage, drinks, and water bottles.

Three adjustable coated shelves accommodate various beverage sizes, including 1.5L bottles. The internal lamp illuminates its contents, while the aluminum inner lining enhances durability.

Eurotek EGS255IS 9.0 cu ft Showcase Chiller

Best Energy-Efficient Chiller Philippines

Eurotek EGS255IS 9.0cuft Showcase Chiller
  • Price: ₱28,900
  • Power: 107W
  • Capacity: 255L
  • Dimensions( h:w:d ): 1752: 535: 531mm
  • Inverter technology for energy efficiency.
  • Efficient cooling with a big blower.
  • Versatile storage with adjustable shelves.
  • Eco-friendly R600a refrigerant.
  • Requires manual defrosting.
  • High initial investment.

Eurotek EGS255IS 9.0cu Ft Showcase Chiller earns its distinction as the best energy-efficient chiller through cutting-edge inverter technology, delivering impeccable cooling performance while keeping energy consumption in check.

This chiller doesn’t stop at efficiency; it’s packed with features like a robust big blower ensuring effective cooling and integrated display and interior lights for enhanced visibility. Its functional attributes extend to a drain tray and defogger. At the same time, the versatility of four adjustable slide-out wire shelves meets various storage needs.

Moreover, the double glass door adds a touch of sophistication, and its use of eco-friendly R600a refrigerant aligns with eco-conscious goals.

Fujidenzo 3.5 cu. ft. Showcase Chiller SU-35A2

Best Mini Chiller Philippines

Fujidenzo 3.5 cu. ft. Showcase Chiller SU-35A2
  • Price: ₱13,750
  • Power: 150 W
  • Electronic level controls: 7
  • Capacity: 3.5 cu. Ft (99L)
  • Ideal for limited spaces
  • Clean back design enhances aesthetics.
  • Double glass door
  • Easy to use
  • Limited capacity compared to larger chillers.
  • May not accommodate large items.

In the realm of compact chillers, the Fujidenzo 3.5 cu. Ft. Showcase Chiller SU-35A2 emerges as the leading choice for the title of the best mini chiller in the Philippines.

This compact yet versatile chiller boasts a 3.5 cu. Ft. capacity, making it perfect for limited spaces. Its seven-level electronic temperature control, ranging from 1°C to 10°C, allows precise temperature adjustments to suit your specific cooling needs. The clean back design enhances aesthetics, while the double glass door provides visibility and insulation.

The fan-cooled system ensures consistent cooling and three adjustable coated wire shelves offer storage flexibility. With features like internal and external lamps, recessed handles, and front leveling feet, this mini chiller packs a punch in functionality and convenience.

Condura CBC283RI Chiller

Best Fast-cooling Chiller Philippines

Condura CBC283RI Chiller
  • Price: ₱29,300
  • Power: 150W
  • Capacity: 283L
  • Dimensions( h:w:d ): 2013: 540: 610mm
  • High Capacity.
  • Inverter compressor
  • No frost built-up
  • Robust cooling performance
  • Durable construction for longevity.
  • Require more space.
  • High initial investment cost

As a 10.0cu Ft Showcase Chiller, the Condura CBC283RI Chiller boasts an impressive capacity to meet demanding cooling needs.

Its secret lies in the inverter compressor, delivering efficient cooling performance while maintaining energy efficiency. Say goodbye to frost issues with a larger air-circulating fan and an exposed condenser, ideal for tropical conditions, which supports the Negosyo Pro-cooling performance.

This chiller isn’t just cool; it’s built for durability with tough foamed cabinet runners. Convenience is a priority with anti-moisture on the glass door, an auto-evaporating system, and adjustable shelves with an impressive 50 kg load capacity.

Fujidenzo Three-Door Showcase Chiller SUT-290A

Best Large Capacity Chiller

Fujidenzo Three-Door Showcase Chiller SUT-290A
  • Price: ₱70,800
  • Power: 320W
  • Capacity: 821 L
  • Dimensions( h:w:d ): 1910: 1430: 630mm
  • Vast 29 cu. Ft. storage capacity.
  • Energy-efficient 320-watt compressor.
  • Double blower fan for optimal cooling.
  • Padlock provision for security.
  • Larger sizes may require more space.
  • High price

For those searching for the best chiller in the Philippines with ample storage capacity, the Fujidenzo Three-door Chiller SUT-290A emerges as a prime choice.

With its impressive 29 cu. Ft. capacity, this upright chiller redefines spaciousness. Powered by a 320-watt energy-efficient compressor, it combines cooling prowess with economic efficiency. A digital temperature control system featuring an LCD ensures precise temperature management, ideal for businesses with varying cooling needs.

The double-blower fan enhances air circulation, maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the chiller. Additionally, the padlock provision adds an extra layer of security for valuable content.


What is a Chiller?

A chiller is a specialized cooling system designed to control and maintain precise temperatures by circulating a liquid, typically water or a heat transfer fluid, whose temperature is adjusted through a refrigeration cycle.

Unlike traditional refrigerators and freezers, chillers are primarily used for industrial, commercial, and specialized applications due to their unique functions and capabilities.

Chillers vs. Freezers vs. Refrigerators Comparison

Chillers differ significantly from freezers and refrigerators in terms of purpose, temperature range, and design:






Primarily used in industrial and commercial settings for process cooling and temperature control.

Designed for storing perishable food items at temperatures above freezing.

Intended for freezing and storing items at temperatures below freezing.

Temperature Range

Typically operates within a range of 0°C to 15°C (32°F to 59°F) for precise cooling.

Maintains temperatures between 1°C to 7°C (34°F to 45°F) for food storage.

Keeps temperatures at or below -18°C (0°F) for freezing and long-term storage.


Engineered with robust components capable of handling industrial processes and continuous operation.

Designed with shelves and compartments optimized for food storage and easy access.

Equipped with specialized freezing compartments and storage configurations.

Benefit of Chillers

Chillers boast a range of benefits, enhancing both home and commercial environments substantially:

Commercial Use

In commercial settings, chillers play a pivotal role:

  • Temperature Control: Precise cooling protects valuable equipment and ensures consistent product quality – a critical feature for sectors like food production and pharmaceuticals.
  • Cost-effective: Their energy-efficient design significantly reduces operating costs, making them an economical choice for businesses.

Home Use

At home, chillers offer unique advantages:

  • Optimal Storage Condition: They assist in preserving wine and specialty foods, maintaining precise temperatures and humidity for ideal storage conditions.
  • Eco-friendly: Many chillers come with green tech, using eco-friendly refrigerants and energy-efficient components that align with sustainability efforts.

Whether in a commercial or home setting, chillers offer a level of temperature control and efficiency that contribute to both practical needs and a greener future.

Types of Chiller

Chillers are various in types, but in the context of this blog post, we only focus on two major chiller types: beverage chiller and food chiller.

Beverage Chillers

Beverage chillers are champions of versatility in the cooling world. They excel at chilling various beverages, from refreshing sodas to fine wines. Their ability to maintain the perfect drinkable temperature makes them ideal for homes and businesses.

In homes, beverage chillers turn ordinary gatherings into memorable events, ensuring drinks are served at their best. Businesses cater to diverse customer preferences, from cold brews in cafés to chilled wines in restaurants, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Food Chillers

Food chillers are culinary lifesavers. Their role in preserving freshness is unmatched. These chillers are the guardians of perishables, from fruits and vegetables to dairy and meats.

In various settings, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and even pharmaceutical storage, food chillers play a vital role in maintaining the quality and safety of products. They prevent spoilage, extend shelf life, and make delicious and safe meals. Food chillers are the unsung heroes of food preservation in various environments.


Best Chiller Brands in the Philippines


Best Chiller Brands in the Philippines

Fujidenzo has established itself as a reputable brand known for its high-quality refrigeration and cooling appliances.

Fujidenzo’s products showcase state-of-the-art Japanese technology, undergoing rigorous testing to meet the high standards of their discerning customers. Renowned for their world-class quality, Fujidenzo appliances are celebrated for their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and impressive durability, making them a preferred choice for commercial use.


Eurotek has earned its reputation as a highly reliable appliance brand, particularly regarding refrigerators, chillers, and coolers.

Beyond these, Eurotek offers an impressive range of products, including cookers, gas stoves, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, and flat irons. Their diverse selection caters to both domestic and commercial needs.


Condura stands out as a leading and cost-effective air conditioning brand in the Philippines. Recognized with numerous accolades, it’s renowned for its energy-efficient and intelligent chillers. Interestingly, Condura is closely affiliated with Carrier Philippines as a sister brand, further bolstering its reputation for reliability and quality.


Fabriano is a brand that combines Italian craftsmanship with Filipino sensibilities. Known for its stylish and functional appliances, Fabriano offers chillers that excel in performance and add a touch of elegance to your space. Their products are designed to meet the needs of discerning consumers who appreciate both form and function.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Chiller

Choosing the right chiller is crucial, whether you’re a business owner looking to preserve products or a homeowner in need of extended storage for perishables. Here are some vital factors to ponder upon to ensure you select the right wine cooler for your needs:

Size and Capacity

Chiller Size and Capacity

Size matters because it dictates how much you can store. A chiller that’s too small may not accommodate your items. In contrast, an oversized chiller can lead to wasted energy and space.

To determine the right size, assess your specific requirements. Are you a homeowner with occasional cooling needs, or do you run a business with a continuous demand for chilled products? Consider your typical load and how frequently you need access to your stored items.

Temperature Control

Temperature fluctuations can compromise the integrity of stored products, leading to spoilage or degradation. A quality chiller offers accurate temperature management, ensuring items stay fresh.

Look for models with adjustable temperature settings when shopping for a good chiller. Different items have specific temperature requirements:

  • Red Wine: 55-65°F (12-18°C)
  • White Wine: 45-55°F (7-13°C)
  • Fruits and Vegetables: 32-40°F (0-4°C)
  • Meat and Dairy: 32-40°F (0-4°C)

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient chillers are designed to operate optimally while consuming less power. That not only saves you money on electricity bills but also aligns with sustainability goals.

To choose eco-friendly chillers, look for models with Energy Star certification, as these units meet stringent energy efficiency standards. Additionally, consider chillers that use eco-friendly refrigerants, such as R600a or R290, with lower global warming potential.


The price range for chillers can vary widely depending on factors like size, brand, features, and quality. In the Philippines, a high-quality chiller can range from ₱10,000 to ₱50,000 or more.

Determine your budget based on your preferences and requirements. While high-end chillers offer advanced features, there are budget-friendly options that provide efficient cooling and temperature control. Research different brands to find the right balance between price and performance.


How to Clean and Maintain a Chiller

How to Clean and Maintain a Chiller

Keeping your chiller operating efficiently and reliably requires proper cleaning and maintenance. Generally, cleaning a chiller is quite similar to cleaning a refrigerator. Follow this comprehensive guide to ensure optimal performance for your chiller:

Phase 1: Safety First

Before any maintenance, disconnect the chiller from the power source and ensure it’s turned off entirely.

Phase 2: Cleaning Steps

  1. Remove Contents: Empty the chiller of all items, including food or beverages, and store them elsewhere temporarily.
  2. Unplug and Defrost: If your chiller includes a freezer component, unplug and let it defrost entirely. Dispose of any ice buildup carefully.
  3. Disassemble: Remove any removable parts like shelves, drawers, and trays for thorough cleaning.
  4. Clean Interior: Use warm water and mild detergent to scrub the interior surfaces, including walls, shelves, and drawers. Rinse with clean water to eliminate soap residue.
  5. Deodorize: Maintain a fresh-smelling chiller by wiping the interior with a solution of equal parts water and baking soda or a specialized chiller deodorizer.
  6. Exterior Cleaning: Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to clean the exterior, focusing on handles and controls.

Phase 3: Maintenance Checks

  • Condenser Coil: Gently vacuum or brush the condenser coils on the chiller’s back or bottom to prevent dust buildup, which can affect cooling efficiency.
  • Check Seals: Inspect the door seals (gaskets) for wear or damage and replace them if needed to maintain an airtight seal.

Phase 4: Reassemble

Put back all the shelves, drawers, and trays once they are entirely dry.

Suggested Cleaning Schedule

Regular cleaning and maintenance are key to the longevity of your chiller. Here’s a recommended schedule:

  • Daily: Wipe down spills and promptly clean any visible dirt or residue.
  • Weekly: Check and clean the interior, especially if there are noticeable spills. Wipe down the exterior.
  • Monthly: Perform a more thorough cleaning, including removing and cleaning removable parts. Inspect door seals and vacuum the condenser coils.
  • Every 3 – 6 Months: For a deep clean, follow the steps above. Additionally, check the chiller’s temperature settings and adjust if needed.


FAQs about Chiller Philippines
Can I use a chiller for both beverages and food items?

Yes, chillers are versatile and can effectively cool beverages and food items.

Can I use a chiller as a substitute for a refrigerator in my home or business?

While chillers can store perishables, refrigerators are designed for broader food storage needs and are recommended for homes and businesses.

Can I use a chiller to store wine, or do I need a separate wine cooler?

It’s advisable to use a dedicated wine cooler for optimal wine storage. Check out our “Best Wine Cooler Philippines” article for more information.

How do you adjust the chiller temperature?

Chiller temperature can typically be adjusted using the temperature control settings, which vary by model. Refer to your chiller’s user manual for specific instructions.

Are chillers noisy, and how can I ensure a quiet operation?

Chillers vary in noise levels, but they can be relatively quiet. To ensure quiet operation, place the chiller on a level surface, away from walls or obstructions, and perform regular maintenance to keep components running smoothly.


Recap: Which is the Best Chiller in the Philippines?

best chiller philippines Fujidenzo SU-90A2

Choosing the right chiller can make a difference in keeping your items fresh and cool. We’ve explored the best options in the Philippines, considered essential factors, and answered your questions.

As we wrap up, our recommendation for the “Best Chiller in the Philippines” goes to the Fujidenzo 9 cu. ft. Showcase Chiller SU-90A2. With its spacious interior, durability, and good balance between price and energy efficiency, it excels in providing rapid cooling and long-term reliability.

Now, it’s your turn to make an informed decision and stay fresh and cool with the most suitable chiller for your needs. Cheers to chilled perfection!


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