Discover 5 Best Dish Dryers in the Philippines: 2023 Edition

Explore the best dish dryer Philippines. Find expert recommendations, reviews, and detailed comparisons to help you choose the perfect one.
How to Choose the Best Dish Dryer Philippines?

Dish drying is a crucial step in maintaining kitchen hygiene. It helps eliminate the risk of food poisoning and disease caused by pathogens that can grow on wet dishes.

Therefore, dish dryers were born with the mission to dry dishes after washing them. A dish dryer will significantly improve your kitchen hygiene if you have not had a dishwasher.

There are many types of dish dryers, but only some of them are ideal for use at home. My article will focus on the top 5 best dish dryer Philippines for 2023. Along the line, I’ll also provide some significant factors you should consider before buying a dish dryer.

Iwata CM20DDUV-4
Iwata CM20DDUV-4 Best electronic dish dryer
UV light, soft-touch panel, removable drip tray
Imarflex DD-586UV 3-in-1
Imarflex DD-586UV 3-in-1 Best dish dryer with sterilizer
3-in-1 function, 2-tier rack, touch-sensitive control panel
Dish dryer philippines Hanabishi HDS23CUFT
Hanabishi HDS23CUFT Best dish dryer and sterilizer cabinet
Ozone disinfection system, 2 separate cabinets, affordable

Top 5 Best Dish Dryers in the Philippines

A dish dryer is essential, and choosing the right one suitable for your family can be tricky. But I’m here to help. The top five best dish dryers in the Philippines are listed below.

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Iwata CM20DDUV-4 Dish Dryer

Best Electronic Dish Dryer in the Philippines

Iwata CM20DDUV-4 Dish Dryer
  • Price: ₱5,295
  • Dimension: (L)470 x (W)395 x (H)388 mm
  • Net weight: 4.5 kg
  • Volume capacity: 42 liters
  • Power consumption: 315W

As a kitchen enthusiast who knows the importance of high-quality materials and performance, I can confidently say that the Iwata CM20DDUV-4 Dish Dryer is a must-have for any kitchen. I’ve been using this dish dryer for two years, and it’s provided excellent performance and durability, making it ideal for a family of four like mine.

With its powerful motor, this dish dryer can dry your dishes faster and more effectively, saving you time and effort.

What sets the Iwata dish dryer apart is its large volume of 42 liters, allowing you to dry not just your dishes but also pots, pans, cups, and glasses. 

I love its convenient digital timer. I can easily set the drying time from 15 to 60 minutes, allowing me to do other things while my dish dryer does its job.

From my reviews, it is safe to say that the Iwata CM20DDUV-4 Dish Dryer deserves the top spot on my list of the best dish dryers in the Philippines. Its outstanding features and value make it a game-changer in the kitchen.


  • UV light germicidal killer function (sanitizes dishes up to 80°C)
  • Microcomputer-controlled LED lights and soft-touch panels
  • Extra drawer for chopping board and knives
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning


  • Have only one rack
  • Large counter space required

Imarflex DD-586UV 3-in-1 UV Dish Dryer

Best dish dryer with sterilizer

Imarflex  DD-586UV 3-in-1 UV Dish Dryer
  • Price: ₱7,000
  • Dimension: 48 x 37.5 x 37.8cm
  • Net weight: 4.1 kg
  • Volume capacity: 43 liters
  • Power consumption: 300W

If you’re looking for a versatile dish dryer beyond just drying your dishes, the Imarflex DD-586UV is the perfect choice. 

It has a large capacity to dry up to 8 sets of dishes at once and accommodate oversized items such as pots and pans. The 2-tier rack design is far more convenient than the Iwata CM20DDUV-4, allowing you to store numerous dishes simultaneously.

But what really sets the Imarflex DD-586UV apart is its 3-in-1 function. You heard that right! With this dish dryer, you can dry your dishes with UV light and blast ions and sterilize infant bottles. It’s like having a multi-purpose kitchen assistant right in your home.

And let’s not forget about the energy-saving feature. With its automatic shut-off function, you can reduce your electricity bill by up to 50%. For those who value efficiency and savings, I highly recommend the Imarflex DD-586UV as one of the top dish dryers in the Philippines, especially for families with young children.


  • Double-end UV-C Germicidal Lamp with a sterilization rate of 99.9%.
  • Air ionizer for circulating fresh air.
  • Can sterilize items.
  • Touch-sensitive control panel with LED digital display.
  • Detachable stainless steel rack and heat-resistant cover.
  • Convenient 2-tier rack design


  • Relatively expensive compared to others.
  • Large sizes may take up significant counter space.

Hanabishi HDS23CUFT Dish Sterilizer

Best dish dryer and sterilizer cabinet

Hanabishi HDS23CUFT Dish Sterilizer
  • Price: ₱7,370
  • Dimension: 438x335x788mm
  • Net weight: 10.6 kg
  • Volume capacity: 65 liters
  • Power consumption: 700W

Are you searching for the ultimate dish dryer and sterilizer cabinet? Look no further than the Hanabishi HDS23CUFT Dish Sterilizer. This versatile cabinet has everything you need to make your dish drying and sterilizing experience a breeze.

With its spacious capacity of 65 liters, the Hanabishi HDS23CUFT is perfect for homes and small businesses. You’ll never run out of space with the five racks that can hold glasses, pots, pans, and more. 

Its two independent drying sections with different temperatures ensure that each item is dried perfectly, preserving its durability.

Furthermore, Hanabishi HDS23CUFT sterilizes using ozone gas. This gas is utilized in huge dryers instead of UV rays and has the same bactericidal effect. As a result, you can be confident in the product’s drying and antibacterial properties.


  • 2 cabinets with different drying temperatures.
  • Ozone disinfection system to protect against crawling and flying disease-causing insects and rodents.
  • Large capacity.
  • Affordable price compared to others.


  • Noisy operation.

Hanabishi HDS12CUFT Dish Sterilizer

Best Small Dish Dryer in the Philippines

Hanabishi HDS12CUFT Dish Sterilizer
  • Price: ₱5,211
  • Dimension: 438 x 335 788mm
  • Volume capacity: 23 liters
  • Power consumption: 280W

If you’re looking for the best small dish dryer in the Philippines, let me introduce you to the Hanabishi Dish Sterilizer HDS12CUFT.

It’s a fantastic choice for smaller households or kitchens with limited space, thanks to its compact 1.2 cubic feet capacity. But don’t let its size fool you; it’s packed with features to keep your dishes clean and germ-free.

One of the standout features is the UV light that sterilizes your dishes, ensuring they’re 99.9% germ-free. Plus, the ability to heat at 80°C effectively kills bacteria, giving you peace of mind that your dishes are safe to use.

The microcomputer control makes it super easy to operate, and the cover switch prevents any UV light leakage, ensuring your safety while using the appliance.

In short, the Hanabishi Dish Sterilizer HDS12CUFT is the perfect small dish dryer for the Philippines. It’s compact, efficient, and packed with features to keep your dishes clean and safe. Give it a shot; I’m confident you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


  • 1.2 cubic feet capacity
  • UV light for sterilization
  • 80°C heating to kill bacteria
  • Microcomputer control for easy operation
  • Cover switch to avoid UV light leakage


  • Relatively expensive compared to others

Camel CDD-101S Dish Dryer with UV

Best affordable electronic dish dryer

Camel CDD-101S Dish Dryer with UV
  • Price: ₱2,761
  • Dimension: 42cm x 31cm x 37cm
  • Net weight: 3 kg
  • Power consumption: 300W

The Camel CDD-101S Dish Dryer is a fantastic budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise features or performance.

One of its key features is the UV sterilizer, which ensures your dishes are germ-free and safe to use. The auto-drying function with a 120-minute timer makes it super convenient, and you no longer have to worry about manually drying your dishes.

Plus, the soft-closing cover adds an extra layer of safety, and the stainless drip tray makes cleaning a breeze.

What’s even better is its low power consumption, which means you’ll save on your electricity bills in the long run.

I will remind you that it is small, and a single tray might not suit large families. But if you have a smaller household, the Camel CDD-101S Dish Dryer is the perfect affordable choice for keeping your dishes clean, dry, and germ-free.


  • UV sterilizer for germ-free dishes
  • Auto-drying function with a 120-minute timer
  • Soft-closing cover for safety
  • Stainless drip tray
  • Low power consumption
  • Affordable price


  • Small size not suitable for large families
  • Have only one tray

How to Choose the Best Dish Dryer Philippines?

Choosing a dish dryer for your kitchen can seem complicated, especially when there are many different brands and styles to consider.

You can easily get inundated with a sea of specs and numbers, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the steps below to locate the dish dryer.

Key Takeaways
1. Capacity: Capacity should be suitable for the number of family members.
2. Sterilization Features: Look for UV sterilization or high-temperature drying features to kill bacteria.
3. Energy Efficiency: Opt for low power consumption or energy-saving features.
4. Design and Size: Choose a dish dryer that complements your kitchen’s style and fits in your available space.
5. Price: Choose one at ₱3,000 – ₱8,000 for a countertop model suitable for home use and at least ₱6,000 for a larger cabinet model.


How to Choose the Best Dish Dryer Philippines?

The capacity of the dish dryer should be suitable for the number of your family members.

A compact dish dryer with a capacity of 1-1.5 cubic feet should suffice for smaller families or individuals living alone.

For larger families, consider a dish dryer with a capacity of 2 cubic feet or more to accommodate more dishes and utensils.

Sterilization Features

A good dish dryer should be able to kill bacteria and germs to ensure your dishes are safe to use. Look for dish dryers with UV sterilization or high-temperature drying features, which can effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms.

Energy Efficiency

The power consumption of a dishwasher is an essential factor to consider, as it can directly affect your electricity bills.

Opt for dish dryers with low power consumption or energy-saving features to save energy costs in the long run. In our experience, the energy consumption of 300W – 400W is the best for a home dish dryer.

Design and Size

The aesthetic and space requirements of the dish dryer are also essential. Choose a dish dryer that complements your kitchen’s style and fits well in the available space. To ensure a suitable fit, measure the area where you intend to position the dish dryer and compare it to the product specs.


The cost of a dish dryer in the Philippines varies from brand to brand, but there is a general price range for each type of dish dryer.

The average cost of a dish dryer in the Philippines is about ₱3,000 – ₱8,000 for a countertop model suitable for home use and at least ₱6,000 for a larger cabinet model.

Considering these criteria, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect dish dryer for your home in the Philippines.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Dish Dryer

Drying dishes manually is inconvenient, time-consuming, and often leads to breakage and cracks. Dish dryers are a fast and efficient alternative that can save you time on a busy day. And to help you make a decision, here’re are some of the most asked questions:

What are the advantages of using a dish dryer?

The benefits of using a dish dryer include:
– Saving time and effort.
– Ensuring hygienic drying with high temperatures.
– Preventing water spots on dishes.

How do dish dryers work?

Dish dryers use heat, airflow, and sometimes condensation to quickly evaporate water from the dishes.

Can dish dryers be used for other kitchen items besides dishes?

Yes. Dish dryers can be used for other kitchen items like glassware, silverware, pots, pans, and plastic containers.

Are dish dryers safe to use?

Yes. Dish dryers are generally safe to use and designed to dry and sterilize dishes effectively. However, following the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines is essential to ensure proper usage and avoid any potential hazards.
Dish dryers often use UV sterilization or high-temperature drying features to eliminate harmful microorganisms, making them safe for household use.


Recap: Which is the Best Dish Dryer in the Philippines?

The Best Dish Dryer in the Philippines - Iwata CM20DDUV-4

Hopefully, this guide has helped clear up your confusion about this product. To recap, my choice for the best dish dryer in the Philippines is the Iwata CM20DDUV-4 Dish Dryer. It has an appropriate balance between features, effectiveness, and price, which makes it the perfect choice for most Filipino households.

Finding out what constitutes a decent dish dryer can be challenging. Still, I’m confident you have enough information to invest in your kitchen equipment regardless of your decision. 

However, I encourage you to choose a high-quality model from my list above. Because dish drying is one of the most important parts of owning and operating a kitchen, you want to take your time with a good product. 

With all things considered, I wish you the best in choosing a high-quality dish dryer for your home.


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