2023 Guide for the Best Food Dehydrator Philippines – Top 6

If you are a fan of nutritious snacks, our best food dehydrator Philippines, is excellent for preserving meat, herbs, vegetables, and more.
Baumann Food Dehydrator

Welcome to our extensive guide for discovering the best food dehydrator Philippines. A food dehydrator can prolong the shelf life of your pantry items, eliminating concerns about rapid spoilage. If you have a penchant for snacking or the convenience of on-the-go food, why not explore the world of food dehydration at home?

Imagine all the items you can preserve without fretting over their freshness, including crispy chips, delightful fruit, or savory meat jerky. Let’s explore the world of food dehydrators and discover the perfect match for your kitchen!

Baumann Food Dehydrator
Baumann Food Dehydrator Best Food Dehydrator for Home
8-liter capacity, Four drawer-style trays, Overheating protection
Lahome Food Dehydrator
Lahome Smart Food Dehydrator Best Affordable Food Dehydrator
Affordable, Transparent design, Energy-efficiency
BioloMix Food Dehydrator
BioloMix 15L 6 Trays Food Dehydrator Best Heavy-duty Food Dehydrator
6 Metal Trays, Adjustable time and temperature, Unrivaled Drying Power

Best 6 Food Dehydrators in the Philippines

Let’s get on with us to discover the top 6 high-quality food dehydrators below. Our recommended brand and model offer exceptional features and performance to meet your needs.

Our Content Writers Team uses their personal expertise, knowledge, and experience to shape our trusted Buying Guide. This guide informs every product selection and review we make—whether it’s items we’ve used ourselves, sponsored products, or cool finds on e-commerce sites like Shopee and Lazada. Each of our HomeTopPicks reviews is entirely unbiased, and our ratings are independent, never influenced by the opinions of brands or sellers—we’re all about serving you, our readers! For more information, please see HomeTopPicks’ Content Policy.

Baumann Food Dehydrator 8L

Best Food Dehydrator for Home

best food dehydrator philippines Baumann 8L
  • Price: ₱4,265
  • Capacity: 8L
  • Power: 400W
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Number of layers: 4 layers
  • Clear viewing window
  • 360° continuous airflow
  • Versatile, easy, clean, and compact
  • Overheating protection for safety
  • Four drawer-style mesh drying trays
  • Relatively noisy
  • Not suitable for large-scale

The Baumann’s Living food dehydrator caters to those with smaller food drying needs. Its sleek, compact design conceals a rear-mounted heating element and fan, ensuring quick and even food dehydration.

Its generous 8-liter capacity caters to substantial batches, while the 360° continuous airflow ensures even drying across all trays.

This dehydrator offers versatility from breadcrumbs to meat jerky and preserved herbs or flowers. You can also dry seasonal fruits and vegetables, later rehydrating them for soups or stews.

Despite its size, it’s remarkably efficient, preserving the nutrition and freshness of your ingredients just as when you purchased them.

Lahome Smart Food Dehydrator

Best Affordable Food Dehydrator Philippines

Lahome Smart Food Dehydrator
  • Price: ₱1,663
  • Capacity: 10L
  • Power: 160W
  • Weight: 1.16kg
  • Number of layers: 5 layers
  • Affordable
  • Dual knob protection
  • Transparent design
  • Energy-efficiency
  • User-friendly operation
  • Not sufficient for large-scale.
  • Limited temperature range.
  • It may not be durable.

The Lahome Smart Food Dehydrator shines as the top choice for novice food-drying enthusiasts. Its affordability and user-friendly design make it the perfect option for those venturing into food dehydration for the first time.

Its temperature control functionality, from 35℃-74℃, empowers you to tailor drying settings to suit various foods for optimal results. Including 5 BPA-free trays, which can be rotated and stacked for diverse food sizes, minimizes taste mixing.

This versatile machine accommodates various food choices, from beef jerky to dried fruits and herbs. It’s incredibly user-friendly, with a simple interface, and cleaning is easier with a brush or damp cloth.

BioloMix 15L 6 Trays Food Dehydrator

Best Heavy-duty Food Dehydrator Philippines

Best Heavy-duty Food Dehydrator BioloMix 15L 6 Trays
  • Price: ₱3,399
  • Power: 400W
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of layers: 6 layers
  • Dimension: 330 x 330 x 280mm
  • Safety and efficiency
  • Large capacity
  • 6 metal trays
  • Unrivaled drying power
  • Digital touch control panel
  • Easy to use
  • Limited advanced features
  • Warranty invalid for commercial use

Experience advanced food preservation with the BioloMix 6 Trays Food Dehydrator. With a 400W drying capacity, this powerful unit retains 97% of vital nutrients while locking in flavors. Adjustable timer up to 48 hours and temperature (35℃-70℃) settings provide convenience, backed by a hot air fan for even drying.

Six large trays enable simultaneous drying of various foods, enhancing productivity. Crafted from premium materials, BPA-free, and easy to clean with dishwasher-safe trays, this dehydrator prioritizes safety and efficiency. Enjoy healthy homemade snacks and pet treats hassle-free while simplifying your kitchen routine.

Gorenje Food Dehydrator FDK500GCW

Best high-end food dehydrator

Gorenje Food Dehydrator FDK500GCW
  • Price: ₱6,999
  • Capacity: 17.5
  • Power: 500W
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Number of layers: 5 layers
  • Spacious capacity
  • Quick drying
  • Automatic power-off.
  • BPA-free construction.
  • Super silent operation.
  • Easy care and cleaning.
  • Premium price
  • Limited to one blowing level.

Gorenje’s Food Dehydrator FDK500GCW is the epitome of high-end food dehydrators, offering a premium experience that sets it apart from other models.

Its standout features include a capacious drying capacity, ensuring you can dry more food at once. This dehydrator excels at quick drying, thanks to its high wattage and precise control over temperature and timer settings. The automatic shut-off feature guarantees worry-free dehydration, preventing over-drying and enhancing safety.

Crafted from BPA-free plastic, it maintains food safety standards. Its super silent operation ensures a tranquil kitchen environment.

While it comes at a premium price, its unique combination of features makes it a compelling choice for those seeking the best in food dehydration technology.

Kogan Electric Food Dehydrator

Best Digital Food Dehydrator

Kogan Electric Food Dehydrator
  • Price: ₱4,395
  • Power: 250W
  • Number of layers: 5 layers
  • Easy to use and clean
  • User-friendly digital display
  • Adjustable time function.
  • Energy-efficient
  • Versatile food dehydration.
  • Quite noisy
  • Limited maximum temperature
  • Limited long-term durability

The Kogan Electric Food Dehydrator, recognized as the Best Digital Food Dehydrator in the Philippines, offers many impressive features that elevate your food dehydration experience.

Its standout feature is the adjustable temperature setting, accessible through the user-friendly LCD. That allows you to precisely control the drying process for various foods, from fruits and vegetables to nuts and herbs, ensuring consistently delicious results.

Its five durable layers are crafted from transparent plastic, including a ventilator for even dehydration. A mesh layer to prevent small foods from slipping also helps clean easily. The digital display, timer function, and BPA-free construction make it a safe and convenient choice for culinary adventures.

Lecon Food Dehydrator

Best Commercial Food Dehydrator

Lecon Food Dehydrator
  • Price: ₱9,638 – ₱17,134
  • Power: 800W
  • Number of layers: 6/12/16 layers

Lecon offers the flexibility to cater to your food drying needs, whether big or small. With options ranging from 6 to 16 layers, you can choose the perfect fit. Each layer choice has varying wattage levels: 800W, 1000W, and 1350W, offering versatility.

You can set the timer for up to 24 hours and control the temperature within a wide range from 30 to 90℃. Safety is paramount, with double insulation to protect against electric shocks during use. Its modern design and multifunctionality make it valuable to household and commercial kitchens.

  • Large capacity
  • Various layer options
  • Fast drying
  • Durability
  • Operates silently
  • Attractive design
  • Heavy and consume much power
  • High cost

What is a Food Dehydrator?

A food dehydrator is a kitchen appliance designed to remove moisture from various foods, extending their shelf life. This preservation method involves controlled heat and gradually reduces the moisture content in food items.

How Does a Food Dehydrator Work?

Food dehydrators are versatile appliances that make various items. It includes dried fruits, vegetables, herbs, jerky, and homemade snacks like fruit leather. They offer a convenient and efficient way to preserve and enjoy your favorite foods for a longer period.

Here is the working mechanism of its:

  • A heating element and a fan work together in a food dehydrator to distribute warm air uniformly throughout the equipment.
  • You can change the temperature to suit the kind of food you’re dehydrating, typically ranging from 95°F to 165°F (35°C to 74°C).
  • As the warm air circulates, it gently removes moisture from the food, effectively drying it.
  • The dehydrator’s trays or shelves allow you to spread the food items in a single layer, ensuring even drying.
  • Over time, the moisture in the food is gradually drawn out, preserving it while concentrating on its flavors.
What is a Food Dehydrator?

Benefits of Food Dehydrators

Food dehydrators offer many benefits, making them a valuable addition to any kitchen. Here, we’ll delve into some of the advantages and versatile uses of these appliances in cooking and food preservation:

Food Preservation: Food dehydrators effectively remove moisture from foods, preventing the growth of bacteria, molds, and yeasts. It extends the shelf life of various items, allowing you to stock up on seasonal produce, meats, and herbs without fear of rapid spoilage.

Healthy Snacks: Dehydrators are perfect for crafting nutritious snacks. Create your own dried fruit chips, vegetable crisps, or beef jerky, all without the need for additives or preservatives commonly found in store-bought alternatives.

Reducing Food Waste: Food dehydrators are excellent tools for reducing waste. You can rescue overripe fruits and vegetables by dehydrating them before they go bad. It will ultimately minimize your kitchen’s environmental footprint.

Compact Storage: Dehydrated foods take up significantly less space than their fresh counterparts, making them ideal for those with limited pantry space. This space-saving quality is especially valuable for urban dwellers.

Enhanced Flavor: The food flavors become more concentrated as moisture is removed. Dehydrated fruits, for example, can taste sweeter, while dried herbs pack a more potent punch.

Outdoor Adventure: Dehydrated food is a go-to choice for hikers, campers, and enthusiasts. It’s lightweight, compact, and retains its nutritional value, making it an ideal option for meals on the go.

Long-Term Storage: Consider using a vacuum sealer to seal dehydrated foods in airtight bags or containers for extended preservation. This sealer adds an extra layer of protection against moisture and air, ensuring your dehydrated items remain fresh even longer.


Types of Food Dehydrators

Regarding food dehydrators, several types are available in the market, each with its unique design and set of advantages. Understanding the pros and cons of each type will benefit you a lot in the hunting journey for the best food dehydrator in the Philippines.

Stackable Food Dehydrators

Stackable Food Dehydrators

A stackable food dehydrator consists of multiple removable trays that can be stacked on top of each other. These trays allow you to place slices of fruits, vegetables, or meats for drying.


  • Affordability: Stackable dehydrators are typically budget-friendly, making them accessible to many users.
  • Compact Design: These dehydrators are often smaller and more space-efficient, making them suitable for kitchens with limited countertop space.
  • Scalability: You can add or remove trays as needed, allowing flexibility in batch sizes.


  • Limited Capacity: The compact size can be a limitation when you need to dehydrate large quantities of food.
  • Uneven Drying: In some stackable models, air circulation may be less consistent between trays, potentially leading to uneven drying results.

Box Food Dehydrators

A box food dehydrator typically features a rectangular or box-like shape with multiple trays for placing food. These dehydrators often come equipped with a rear-mounted fan and heating element to ensure even airflow and consistent drying across all trays.


  • Even Drying: Box dehydrators typically feature a rear-mounted fan and heating element, ensuring uniform airflow and consistent drying across all trays.
  • Ample Capacity: These dehydrators often have a larger tray count, making them ideal for dehydrating large quantities of food.
  • Precise Control: Many box dehydrators offer precise temperature control settings for accurate results.


  • Size and Space: Box dehydrators are bulkier and may take up more counter space than stackable models.
  • Higher Cost: While they offer excellent performance, box dehydrators are pricier than stackable options.

Shelf Tray Food Dehydrators

Shelf Tray Food Dehydrators

A shelf tray food dehydrator features multiple trays stacked vertically within a sturdy, usually rectangular enclosure. Shelf tray dehydrators excel at providing even and consistent airflow, resulting in uniformly dried foods.


  • Commercial-Grade: Shelf tray dehydrators are designed for heavy-duty use, making them suitable for commercial settings or serious home users.
  • Superior Airflow: These models provide consistent and even airflow, resulting in uniformly dried foods.
  • Durability: Shelf tray dehydrators are constructed to withstand frequent use and offer long-lasting durability.


  • Cost: They are among the more expensive options in the dehydrator market, making them an investment.
  • Space Requirements: Due to their larger size, shelf tray dehydrators demand more counter or storage space.

How to Choose the Best Food Dehydrator Philippines

It’s essential to choose a food dehydrator that meets your needs and expectations. Here are some crucial factors to consider when selecting the perfect food dehydrator for your home.


Capacity refers to the amount of food you can dehydrate at once. It is a key factor when choosing the best food dehydrator in the market.

If you plan to dehydrate large quantities frequently, opt for a model with multiple trays or larger tray sizes. Stackable and box dehydrators are suitable for smaller batches, while shelf tray dehydrators offer ample space for more extensive drying needs.


The wattage of a food dehydrator’s heating element determines its drying efficiency. Food dehydrators come in varying sizes, which can result in wattage ranging from 300 to 1000 watts.

Higher wattage typically means faster and more consistent drying. However, if you’re concerned about energy consumption, you might prefer a model with lower wattage for occasional use.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is crucial for different types of foods. For instance, herbs dehydrate quickly, while meats take more time. Temperature control allows you to experiment with a broader range of recipes.

While some dehydrators have only an on/off setting, having temperature settings and a timer is advantageous. These features reduce the risk of over- or under-drying your food and enable you to leave the dehydrator unattended confidently.

Price Range

How to Choose Food Dehydrator in the Philippines
Cre: Screenshot by HomeToppicks on 2023 Oct 22

Prices for food dehydrators can vary from as low as ₱800 for basic models to over ₱6,000 for high-end, feature-rich units.

Consider your budget and how frequently you plan to use the dehydrator. A lot of expensive models often offer advanced features and durability. Anyway, budget-friendly options can also deliver satisfactory results.


Where to Buy Food Dehydrator in the Philippines

If you’re looking to purchase a food dehydrator in the Philippines, you have several options to choose from. Here are some reputable online retailers and local stores where you can find these products:

Lazada (Online Retailer):

Lazada is a popular e-commerce platform in the Philippines, offering a wide selection of food dehydrators from various brands. You can browse different models and read customer reviews to make an informed choice.

Shopee (Online Retailer):

Shopee is another well-known online marketplace where you can find food dehydrators in the Philippines. It provides a convenient platform for shopping and comparing prices.

Appliance Stores:

Many local appliance stores and department stores in the Philippines carry food dehydrators. You can visit stores like SM Appliance Center, Anson’s, and Abenson to check availability.

Specialty Kitchen Stores:

Some specialty kitchen stores may also offer a selection of food dehydrators. Check with stores that focus on kitchen appliances and equipment.



Is dehydrated food nutritious?

Dehydrated food is a nutritious snack since it retains the majority of its nutritional value.

Is a dehydrator better than sun drying?

Dehydrators offer better control and hygiene, making them preferred over sun drying.

Can I over-dehydrate food with a food dehydrator?

Yes, it’s possible to over-dehydrate food, making it brittle and less enjoyable.

How do I maintain and clean my food dehydrator?

First, unplug the food dehydrator and allow it to cool. Wash the trays, mesh screens, and removable parts with warm, soapy water. With a moist cloth, clean the interior and exterior. Ensure thorough drying before reassembling.

FAQs about food dehydrator philippines
Can I use a dehydrator to make jerky and other snacks at home?

Yes, you do. Food dehydrators are perfect for making jerky and various snacks at home.

May I use a food dehydrator to dry herbs for culinary use?

Absolutely! Food dehydrators are excellent for drying herbs for culinary purposes.

How do you dehydrate food naturally?

Natural dehydration methods include sun drying, air drying, or using low-temperature ovens, which may take longer than a dedicated dehydrator.



The food dehydrator is a must-have kitchen appliance for anyone looking to preserve and enjoy food healthily and conveniently. We hope our comprehensive guide will help you find the best food dehydrator Philippines more easily than ever.

Based on Hometoppicks’ review, we highly recommend the Baumann Food Dehydrator 8L, which consistently ranks high for performance, versatility, and ease of use.

We encourage you to explore this recommended model and others on our list to find the perfect fit for your home. With a food dehydrator, you’ll unlock a world of culinary possibilities and enjoy the benefits of food preservation, creating delicious, healthy snacks, and more. Happy dehydrating!


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