Best Inverter Aircon Brand Philippines – Top 7 for 2023

Discover the best inverter aircon brand Philippines. Compare prices, features, and customer reviews to make an informed decision.
Best inverter aircon brand Philippines LG

Inverter air conditioner technology is becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines thanks to its energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and cooling performance.

Inverter aircon units adjust their cooling capacity based on temperature levels and room size rather than running at full capacity all the time. Thus, inverter aircon brands can reduce energy consumption by up to 60% while offering a comfortable and cool indoor environment.

Choosing the right inverter brand can ensure you receive a long-lasting, energy-efficient, high-performance appliance. Join us as we unveil the top 7 best inverter aircon brand Philippines for 2023. This comprehensive list will help you decide and find the perfect inverter aircon brand that meets your cooling needs and fits your budget.


Best Inverter Aircon Brand Philippines – Top 7

According to HomeTopPicks’ Review, the Philippines’ top inverter air conditioner brands are LG, Carrier, TCL, Astron, Fujidenzo, Kolin, and Panasonic. They amazingly cover all price segments and boast varying features. Exciting, right? Do read on to explore these in more depth.

LG Inverter Aircon

LG is a well-known electronics brand, and it also offers a range of inverter air conditioners that combine performance and efficiency. LG’s inverter air conditioners use innovative technology to deliver efficient and fast cooling.

Its key features include inverter technology, which adjusts the compressor speed for power-efficient cooling, and dual inverter compressors for faster and more powerful cooling.

The brand also offers SmartThinQ technology that enables users to control and monitor energy usage remotely via a smartphone app. In addition, LG air conditioners operate with minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed sleep experience.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Dual Inverter Compressor
  • Smart ThinQ
  • Premium Pricing
  • Limited Availability of Models

LG inverter air conditioners can be found in most appliance stores, retailers, and online marketplaces throughout the Philippines, with the brand falling into the high-end price segment. While LG air conditioners may have a premium price tag, they offer top-of-the-range features and advanced technology to ensure efficient and reliable cooling.

Best LG Inverter Aircon Model in the Philippines

Best LG Inverter Aircon Model in the Philippines

The LG Dual Inverter Window Type series is our top recommendation for the best LG inverter model in the Philippines market. This model boasts a dual inverter compressor and provides the following:

  • Fast and efficient cooling.
  • An energy-saving mode.
  • A SmartThinQ.
  • Low noise operation.

Additionally, the sleek design ensures that the air conditioner blends in seamlessly with your home decor, adding to the ambiance and aesthetic.

  • Capacity: Available in 0.8 HP and 2.5 HP
  • Type: Window Type
  • Dual Inverter Compressor
  • LG ThinQ
  • Auto Clean, Auto Restart
  • Filter Alarm Function
  • 10-year compressor warranty

Carrier Inverter Aircon

Carrier stands out as one of the most reputable brands in the Philippines. Known for their exceptional cooling performance, energy efficiency, and durability, countless homeowners nationwide have trusted Carrier inverter aircon models.

  • Exceptional cooling performance
  • High energy efficiency
  • Advanced features like dust and dirt capture technology
  • Reliable and durable performance
  • Convenient remote control access
  • Range of models to suit different room sizes
  • Higher price range

Carrier inverter air conditioners are priced in the mid to high-end segment in the Philippines market.

While they may have a higher price range than other brands, they offer exceptional quality, advanced features, and energy efficiency. The pricing of Carrier inverter air conditioners reflects the brand’s commitment to providing durable and reliable products with superior performance.

These air conditioners are widely available through authorized Carrier dealers and distributors nationwide, ensuring easy access for consumers seeking optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

With a wide range of products available in different sizes and capacities, consumers can choose the best air conditioner that suits their needs.

Best Carrier Inverter AC Model in the Philippines

Best Carrier Inverter AC Model

One of the Philippines’ best Carrier inverter air conditioner models is the Carrier FP-53 GCVBE013-303P Split Type Alpha Inverter. This model offers advanced features, efficient cooling capabilities, and reliable performance. It provides precise temperature control and energy savings through its inverter technology.

The Carrier Alpha Inverter is known for its durable build quality and excellent cooling performance, making it a popular choice among consumers seeking reliable and energy-efficient air conditioning solutions.

  • Capacity: Available in 1.0HP and 1.5 HP
  • Type: Split type
  • Double clean system
  • Home Safety feature
  • High energy efficiency: Reduce up to 50% of electricity

TCL Inverter Aircon

TCL offers a range of feature-packed inverter air conditioners in the Philippines. These brands’ models provide fast cooling and energy efficiency through advanced technology like inverter compressors and airflow systems. TCL air conditioners are also known for their quiet operation, utilizing noise reduction technology to create a peaceful environment.

In addition, many TCL inverter models come with smart features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with smart home assistants. Some units even have air purification capabilities, ensuring cleaner indoor air quality by capturing dust and allergens. Choose TCL for efficient cooling, quiet operation, smart features, and improved air quality.

  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Quick cooling capability
  • Quiet operation
  • Smart features
  • Some models offer air purification features
  • Limited availability of certain models in the local market

TCL inverter air conditioners are priced in the mid-range to high-end segment in the Philippines market. At competitive prices, they offer advanced features like inverter technology, Wi-Fi connectivity, and smart controls.

For example, their 1.5 HP inverter split-type air conditioners start at around ₱30,000, placing them in the mid-range category. Their higher-end 2.0 to 3.0 HP models with smarter features can go up to ₱50,000, positioning TCL towards the higher end of the market.

Best TCL Inverter Aircon Model in the Philippines

One of the Best Aircon Brands in the Philippines

Among the TCL inverter air conditioner models available in the Philippines market, the TCL Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner TAC-12CSA/MEI stands out as one of the top choices. This model combines energy efficiency, powerful cooling performance, and advanced features.

Its inverter technology delivers rapid cooling while consuming minimal energy. The unit’s quiet operation ensures peaceful surroundings, and its smart features allow you to control and monitor your air conditioner effortlessly.

  • Capacity: Available in 1.0 HP to 2.5 HP
  • Type: Split type
  • Faster Cooling
  • Anti Mosquito feature
  • Dehumidifier
  • Self-cleaning mode

Astron Inverter Aircon

Offering a range of models, Astron delivers efficient cooling and comfort at an affordable price. Astron air conditioners adjust the compressor speed to reduce energy consumption and utility bills thanks to advanced inverter technology.

With powerful compressors, optimized airflow systems, and noise reduction technology, Astron provides fast and quiet cooling, ensuring a peaceful environment. Some models offer smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity for convenient remote control and monitoring.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Fast and Quiet Cooling
  • Limited Smart Features
  • Limited Advanced Technology

Astron inverter air conditioners are widely available in the Philippines market and fall within the mid-range to affordable price segment. That makes Astron a popular choice among consumers looking for quality inverter air conditioners at a reasonable price.

Astron inverter air conditioners are available in the Philippines market, with authorized dealers and retailers providing easy access for customers to purchase and install these appliances in their homes or offices.

Best Astron Inverter Aircon Model in the Philippines

Best Astron Inverter Aircon Model

One of the top models from Astron’s inverter aircon lineup in the Philippines is the Astron Inverter Class .6HP Aircon with remote TCL60-MA. This model is highly recommended for its compact size and efficient cooling performance. With a cooling capacity of 0.6 HP, it is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

The Astron Inverter Class .6HP Aircon also boasts a high energy efficiency rating of up to 15.3 EER, ensuring optimal cooling while minimizing electricity consumption. The included remote control adds convenience and ease of use, allowing you to adjust settings from anywhere in the room.

  • Capacity: 0.6 HP, for room size 12 to 14sqm
  • Type: Window type
  • Best-selling window-type aircon in the Philippines
  • Built-in air filter
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion body

Fujidenzo Inverter Aircon

Fujidenzo inverter air conditioners feature advanced technology for efficient cooling and energy savings. These models provide rapid and powerful cooling with their equipped compressors, creating a comfortable environment even on scorching summer days.

The Fujidenzo air conditioners also operate silently, thanks to noise reduction technology, providing a peaceful ambiance for a good night’s sleep or focused work. Some Fujidenzo models offer a clean air function that filters out dust, allergens, and pollutants, ensuring clean and fresh air for a healthier living space.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Powerful Cooling
  • Silent Operation
  • Limited advanced features
  • Limited availability of models

Fujidenzo inverter air conditioners are widely available in various appliance stores, retailers, and online marketplaces throughout the Philippines.

The brand falls into a mid-range price segment, offering an excellent balance between affordability and quality. Fujidenzo air conditioners provide great value for your investment, ensuring you get reliable cooling solutions without breaking the bank.

Best Fujidenzo Inverter AC Model in the Philippines

Best Fujidenzo Inverter AC Model in the Philippines

Among the options available, the Fujidenzo Supreme HD Inverter Split Type HIS153AG series stands out as an excellent choice for its performance and features. This series offers various capacity options for different room sizes and cooling needs.

With its reliable inverter technology, powerful cooling capability, silent operation, and clean air function, the Fujidenzo Supreme HD series provides optimal cooling and comfort for your home in the Philippines.

  • Capacity: Available in 1.0 HP to 2.5 HP
  • Type: Split Type
  • 5-in-1 Filters
  • Rated 5-star on the CSPF energy label
  • Auto-ON & OFF Timer

Kolin Inverter Aircon

Kolin inverter air conditioners use advanced technology to deliver efficient cooling. They ensure fast cooling through powerful compressors and optimized airflow systems, providing maximum comfort even on hot summer days.

Kolin air conditioners also feature eco-friendly elements like ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant. In addition, select models offer Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling remote control and monitoring of your air conditioner for added convenience.

  • Competitive price
  • High-quality, advanced filter
  • Efficient cooling
  • Fast and quiet cooling
  • Limited advanced technology
  • Remote controllers may have limited features

Kolin inverter air conditioners are available throughout the Philippines, both online and in authorized dealers and retail stores. Kolin air conditioner belongs to the mid-range price segment, providing various options that fit your budget.

Best Kolin Inverter Air Conditioner Model in the Philippines

Best Kolin Inverter Air Conditioner Model

Among Kolin’s offerings, the Kolin Full DC Inverter Window Type series is an exceptional choice for reliable and efficient aircon. With its powerful cooling capacity from 0.75 to 2.5 HP, this window-type aircon series must have a model that meets your room size.

Its Full DC Inverter technology sets it apart, which enhances energy efficiency and allows for precise temperature control. It means you can enjoy a comfortable environment while keeping electricity costs low.

In case of power interruptions, the Kolin Full DC Inverter Aircon also offers convenient features like an auto-restart function. This model provides a good balance of performance and budget to satisfy your comfort needs during the hot and humid Philippine weather.

  • Model: KAG75WCINV to KAG250WCINV
  • Capacity: 0.75 to 2.5HP
  • Type: Window Type
  • Full DC Inverter
  • Multi-Stage Air Filtration System
  • Soft start-up, quick cooling

Panasonic Inverter Aircon

Panasonic is a globally recognized brand for electronics and appliances, including inverter air conditioners.

Their inverter models feature advanced technology such as Inverter and Nanoe-G Technology. Inverter Technology allows power-efficient cooling by adjusting the compressor speed based on the desired temperature. Nanoe-G Technology purifies and deodorizes the air, ensuring clean and fresh air quality.

Panasonic inverter air conditioners also deliver powerful and fast cooling with their high-performance compressors. The user-friendly remote control and mobile app provide easy control and hassle-free operation.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Purified Air Quality
  • High Performance
  • Various models and capacity
  • Premium Pricing
  • Limited Availability

Panasonic inverter air conditioners are readily available in different appliance stores, retailers, and online marketplaces throughout the Philippines, falling in the mid-high price range segment. While they may be relatively expensive, they provide high-quality cooling solutions and are considered a wise investment for the long run.

Best Panasonic Inverter Model in the Philippines

Best Panasonic Inverter Model

The Panasonic Deluxe Inverter Split Type series is our top recommendation for the best Panasonic inverter model in the Philippines. This model offers unparalleled energy savings, efficient cooling, and high-performance air filtering with its Nanoe-X purification system. Its sleek design also blends well with different indoor settings, adding to the room’s aesthetic value.

  • Capacity: Available in 1.0 HP to 2.0 HP
  • Type: Split Type
  • 24 hours Purification
  • Further, Faster and Concentrated Airflow
  • ECO mode with AI. Control

Comparison Table of the Best Inverter Aircon Brand Philippines

This section provides a comprehensive comparison table of various inverter air conditioner brands available in the Philippines.

This table lets you easily compare different brands, considering crucial factors such as cooling capacity, energy efficiency ratings, warranty coverage, and price range. It will let you quickly identify the brand that best meets your specific requirements and preferences.


Types of Aircon

Cooling Capacity

Energy Efficiency


Price Range


Split, Multi-Split, Ceiling Cassette, Portable

1.0 to 5.0 HP

Up to 19 EER

1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

Premium price


Split, Window, Floor Standing, Ceiling Cassette, Ducted AC

0.5 to 5.0 HP

Up to 18 EER

1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

Mid to high-end price


Split, Window, Ceiling Cassette, Floor Standing

0.5 to 3.0 HP

Up to 15.1 EER

1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

Mid to high-end price


Split, Window, Floor Standing, Ceiling Cassette

1.0 to 5.0 HP

Up to 15.3 EER

1 Year for Parts and 5 Years for Compressor (Residential);

1 Year for Parts and 1 Year for Compressor (Commercial)

Mid-range to affordable price


Split, Window, Floor Standing

1.0 to 2.5 HP

Up to 18 EER

1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

Mid-range price


Split, Window, Floor Standing, Ceiling Cassette

1.0 to 5.0 HP

Up to 16.8 EER

1 Year for Parts and 5 Years for Compressor (Residential); 1 Year for Parts and 1 Year for Compressor (Commercial)

Mid-range price


Split, Window, Ceiling Cassette, Floor Standing, Ductless

0.8 to 4.0 HP

Up to 18.9 EER

1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor; 5 Years for Compressor

Mid-high price

Please note that this table may not include all models and variations of each brand. Prices may also change depending on the specific model and features included. It is always recommended to check with authorized dealers and the official brand websites for accurate and up-to-date information.


Tips for Selecting the Best Inverter Aircon Brand Philippines

It isn’t easy to know where to start if you’re in the market for an inverter aircon in the Philippines. With so many brands and models available, it’s important to consider carefully before deciding.

With our above comparison table of the seven best inverter air conditioner brands in the Philippines, we think you can easily filter out some brands that fit your budget. Now, you must consider more criteria to decide which is best for you.

Individual Needs and Budget

Selecting Inverter Aircon in the Philippines
Cre: Devine Bros

First and foremost, you should determine the room size you want to cool and how often you will use the aircon. That will help you choose a model with an appropriate cooling capacity and energy efficiency rating that meets your budget requirements.

Additionally, it’s important to consider any special features you may want, such as a remote control, air filter, or dehumidifier.

Additional Features to Look For

When selecting an inverter aircon, several additional features exist beyond basic cooling capacity and energy efficiency ratings.

For example, many newer models come with eco-friendly options like solar-powered operation or efficient refrigerants that reduce environmental damage. Other useful features include programmable thermostats, automatic cleaning systems, and built-in air purification to remove pollutants like dust, smoke, and allergens.

By taking the time to research different brand offerings and identify the features that are most useful for you, you can choose an aircon that meets your individual needs.

Expert Recommendations

Finally, expert recommendations can go a long way toward helping you select the best inverter aircon for your needs. Whether through online reviews or consulting with an HVAC specialist, researching expert opinions and reviews can give you valuable insight into each brand and model’s different features and advantages.

Additionally, consulting with a professional installer can ensure your aircon is properly installed and optimize its performance and energy efficiency. With some research and preparation, you can find the best inverter aircon brand in the Philippines to meet your needs and keep you cool and comfortable year-round.



best inverter aircon brand philippines LG

We have provided a comprehensive list of the best inverter aircon brand Philippines. We compared these brands side-by-side based on factors such as cooling capacity, energy efficiency, warranty, and price range. Through this analysis, we hope to have helped you narrow down your choices and find the brand that best suits your needs and budget.

Based on our comparison table and expert recommendations, we highly recommend LG as the best inverter air conditioner brand in the Philippines. With its wide range of models and variations, LG offers a high level of versatility to meet individual needs and preferences.

Additionally, LG aircon features some of the industry’s highest energy efficiency ratings, making them among the most eco-friendly and cost-effective options on the market. And with a warranty covering parts and labor, you can know that your investment is protected for the long haul.

No matter which brand you choose, we hope our guide has provided you with valuable information and insights to make the best decision for your home or office.

What’s your choice? Please share with us and other audiences in the comments. And if you find this piece of content helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and families to help them stay cool and comfortable even in the hottest and most humid conditions.


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