25 Best OPM Karaoke Songs: Get Your Party Started

Welcome to the exciting world of OPM karaoke! Original Pilipino Music (OPM) holds a special place in Filipino culture, and what better way to celebrate it than through karaoke? Whether you’re a seasoned karaoke enthusiast or a beginner looking to unleash your inner singing superstar, we’ve curated a fantastic list of the 25 best OPM karaoke songs that will have everyone singing along.

So, grab that mic, warm up those vocal cords, and dive into the melodies that define Filipino karaoke!


8 Best Tagalog Karaoke Songs for Female

In the realm of karaoke, variety and selection are key. So let’s delve into an eclectic mix that features some of the best OPM karaoke songs. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a beginner, these songs provide a great opportunity to showcase your vocal talent.

Tips: To sing at home, you can utilize a karaoke app. Another method is to search YouTube for karaoke songs and sing along with a karaoke microphone and speakers.


Love often finds its way at the most inconvenient moments and with the least suitable individuals.

Released in 2006, this single beautifully captures the plight of falling for someone who belongs to another. With its gentle, melancholic melody and poignant lyrics, this song is ideal for those seeking solace in embracing a sorrowful yet captivating tune.


“Tadhana” from UDD’s 2012 album Capacities is undeniably among the top Pinoy karaoke songs.

This captivating pop ballad delves into the profound desire for human connection, making it a perfect choice for heartfelt renditions. Its infectious rhythm and poignant lyrics masterfully tug at heartstrings, leaving a lasting impact on listeners during karaoke sessions.

Best of all, this song is relatively easy to sing, ensuring an unforgettable performance as long as you pour your heart and soul into it with true passion.


Despite its 2005 release, this soulful single remains a poignant reminder of nostalgia and significance, standing the test of time.

A captivating rock ballad narrates the heartfelt remorse of a woman who deeply regrets parting ways with her partner and finds it challenging to move forward.

With its straightforward yet captivating melody and beautifully crafted lyrics, this song proves remarkably easy to follow, making it a delightful choice for all singers.


Emerging in 2006, “Someday” is a heartwarming pop ballad that narrates the story of a girl abandoned by her lover, yet she clings to hope for a new love in her life.

Since its release, this unassuming track has achieved a commercial triumph, earning several prestigious awards and accolades.

Brimming with a harmonious charm and uplifting lyrics, “Someday” is an encouraging anthem, reminding us to embrace optimism and anticipate brighter days ahead.


A true gem among classic pinoy videoke songs, “Gitara” has an irresistible charm that evokes goodness and nostalgia.

This catchy single narrates the endearing tale of a man’s attempts to win the girl’s heart he fancies through sweet serenades on his guitar.

Enhanced by a simple yet melodic guitar-backed tune and soothing vocals, “Gitara” stands as an excellent choice for those seeking an effortlessly enjoyable song to sing.


“Dadalhin” is a song by Regine Velasquez, a Filipino singer known for her powerful vocals. The track is beloved for its emotional delivery and beautiful melody, making it a classic hit among her fans.

Female vocalists, in particular, are bound to relish this magnificent hit. Infuse it with heartfelt emotion, and you’ll create a captivating karaoke experience that will delight both you and the audience!


“Love Moves in Mysterious Ways” is a soulful and enchanting love song by the Filipino singer Nina, released in 2003. This beautiful ballad captures the magic and unpredictability of love, highlighting the unexpected paths it takes in our lives.

Nina’s powerful and passionate vocals and the song’s captivating melody create a mesmerizing and heartfelt rendition that resonates deeply with listeners. “Love Moves in Mysterious Ways” swiftly gained popularity, becoming one of Nina’s signature songs and a timeless classic in the Filipino music repertoire.

Experience the magic of Nina’s beautiful English-language love song. If you’re captivated by its theme, give it a go for a mesmerizing and romantic karaoke performance that will leave the audience enchanted.


“Tell Me Where It Hurts” is a heartrending ballad by the Filipino acoustic band MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud), released in 2006. The song’s tender and soulful melody and emotionally charged lyrics delve into the pain of witnessing a loved one suffer silently. With heartfelt vocals and a poignant message, MYMP captures the essence of empathy and compassion, urging listeners to open up and share their struggles with those they hold dear.

“Tell Me Where It Hurts” struck a chord with audiences. It became a beloved and enduring hit in the Filipino music scene and a favored choice for heartfelt and touching karaoke performances.


8 Best OPM Karaoke Songs for Male

These melodies, hailing from the rich soundscape of Original Pilipino Music (OPM), have been picked for their wide appeal among male karaoke enthusiasts. Whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist, these anthems are sure to amplify your performance.


Following its feature in the fantasy series Darna, where the talented Angel Locsin showcased it, this lively rock anthem quickly captured the hearts of audiences, propelling the band to newfound fame.

Appearing on the band’s 2006 album Maharot, this upbeat rock track boasts infectious instrumentals and powerful vocals, solidifying its place as a must-sing hit in every Filipino karaoke gathering.


While its message may be quite explicit, there’s no denying the infectious catchiness of this track.

Back in 1999, Andrew E. released “Banyo Queen,” a song narrating a boozy night out with a girl that culminates in waking up in a seedy motel.

Incorporating guitar riffs from the 1961 hit “Stand by Me,” the song blends a classic touch with its uptempo rhythm and, admittedly, slightly risqué lyrics, making it a surefire source of laughter for those familiar with Filipino humor.


Gary’s album Faces of Love, released in 1990, features this exquisite track that delves into the unwavering faith in God, seeking strength to navigate life’s challenges with complete reliance on Him.

Boasting a sweeping and captivating melody combined with poignant lyrics, this song has the potential to uplift and inspire anyone who listens.

As is customary with worship songs, singing this masterpiece with heartfelt soulfulness is essential to truly convey its profound message and touch the audience’s hearts.


Despite being a classic love song, its allure remains ever enchanting, and we can’t help but adore it.

With its soft, soothing melody and tender vocals, “Ngiti” delves into a man’s hidden affection for a woman, carefully concealed from her awareness.

This track is undoubtedly the perfect choice to set a romantic ambiance, immersing everyone in the sweet, sentimental mood it evokes.


Undeniably, “Pare Ko” stands as one of the most iconic heartbreak songs in Filipino music and an absolute essential for Pinoy karaoke gatherings.

Originating in 1993, this track vividly portrays the exasperation and emotional anguish experienced by a man who finds himself relegated to the friend zone by a college girl he admires.

Upon its release, the song sparked some controversy owing to its inclusion of curse words in the lyrics. However, fret not for those hesitant about singing the original version, as a clean rendition was published, allowing everyone to enjoy this classic without reservations.


The mysterious origins of the original singer add to the intrigue of this timeless classic, leaving its authorship a captivating enigma.

Within its verses lies a poignant narrative of heartbreak and deception, painting a vivid picture of the aftermath of a painful breakup.

With countless covers available, there’s undoubtedly a rendition that perfectly complements your vocal range, allowing you to imbue the song with your own unique expression and emotion.


Rather than dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, this emotional track is an earnest plea for someone to stay, even after committing mistakes in the relationship.

Characterized by its gentle, slow-paced melody and tender vocals, the song lends itself seamlessly to any vocal range, making it accessible to singers of all abilities.

Beyond its inclusion in Erik’s 2004 album “This Is the Moment,” the song gained further recognition when featured in the 2011 series “Maria la del Barrio.”


“The Day You Said Goodnight” is a poignant and evocative song by the Filipino band Hale, released in 2005. This alternative rock ballad has captured the hearts of listeners with its soul-stirring melody and emotive lyrics. The track revolves around the themes of heartbreak and longing, recounting the bittersweet memories of a past relationship.

With powerful vocals and heartfelt instrumentation, Hale’s rendition strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced the pain of saying goodbye to a loved one.

“The Day You Said Goodnight” continues to resonate with fans, cementing its status as a timeless Filipino classic and a cherished karaoke favorite for those seeking an emotional and soulful performance.


9 Easy Duet Pinoy Karaoke Songs

Who said karaoke is a solo affair? In this section, we have assembled a list of popular tunes perfect for duet performances. Comprising some of the best OPM karaoke songs, these selections will elevate your duet experience to the next level.


Aegis’s “Luha” is the perfect companion to empathize with your emotions if you find yourself nursing a broken heart after a significant breakup.

As an emotional rock anthem, “Luha” delves into the pain of loving someone who failed to cherish your affection.

Despite its 1998 release, this enduring Pinoy classic remains timeless, with its energetic instrumentals and soul-stirring vocals that continue to resonate with listeners.


The iconic status of this song endures, maintaining its position as one of the most beloved Filipino singles to this day.

Originally featured on the band’s album Cutterpillow in 1995, this rock masterpiece narrates the tale of a young boy entangled with an older woman whose story meets a sorrowful fate.

Such is the song’s profound impact on Filipino culture that both professional and amateur artists have eagerly covered, paying homage to its enduring significance.

As you approach the final chorus, be ready for a soaring climax as the song ascends to impressive heights, delivering a powerful and unforgettable musical experience.


In 2005, the band released their hit single “Jeepney,” catapulting them to nationwide fame and recognition.

Regarded as a catalyst for reviving the iconic Filipino music genre, “Manila sound,” the song holds a pivotal place in the country’s musical heritage.

With its unique and memorable melody complemented by soothing vocals, “Jeepney” exudes nostalgia, serving as a heartfelt reminder of the cherished memories from days gone by.


From the Filipino band Rivermaya, the rock single “214” debuted in 1994, becoming an instant hit.

Derived from bassist Nathan Azarcon’s playful creativity, the song title “214” took shape, adding a touch of uniqueness to the track.

Delving into themes of romance and eternal companionship, “214” beautifully expresses the desire for a love that stands the test of time.

For those seeking a heartfelt dedication to a special someone, “214” makes an excellent song choice that will surely leave a lasting impression of affection and adoration.


Indisputably, “Halik” remains yet another classic heartbreak anthem that has resonated with us since childhood.

Originally recorded by the band Aegis, this powerful track narrates the emotional turmoil of a woman grappling with the aftermath of her partner’s departure.

As a captivating rock ballad, “Halik” demands the utmost intensity in both vocals and melody, compelling you to reach soaring heights and beyond as soon as you begin to sing.


Derived from the Philippine television fantasy series “Mulawin” in 2004, this pop ballad draws inspiration from a race of bird people featured in the show.

The song beautifully portrays a man’s concealed affection for a woman, yearning for her to recognize the depth of his love.

Beyond its sweet melody and romantic verses, the song’s soaring chorus requires a powerful vocal range. Be ready to embrace it wholeheartedly, passionately, and with conviction.


Moonstar88’s “Migraine” is a moving Tagalog-language rock ballad released in 2008 as part of the album Todo Combo.

The song beautifully portrays the heartfelt contemplation of a girl, uncertain if her love will ever be returned by the man she deeply adores.

The track’s emotional resonance has led to its inclusion in various films, including the 2009 movie “When I Met U,” adding further prominence to its captivating impact.


“Itsumo” is a heartfelt and melodic track by Dice and K9, also known as Mobstarr, released in 2008. This Filipino hip-hop love song showcases the duo’s smooth vocals and skillful rap verses, delivering a touching portrayal of enduring love and devotion.

The track’s title translates to “Always” in English, and the lyrics express a commitment to staying by the side of a loved one through thick and thin. “Itsumo” struck a chord with audiences, becoming a beloved classic in the Filipino music scene and a popular choice for karaoke enthusiasts looking to serenade their significant others with a touching and romantic melody.


“Stupid Love” is a lively and iconic collaboration between Andrew E., Blakdyak, and Salbakuta, released in 2003. This Filipino hip-hop track gained immense popularity for its catchy tune and humorous lyrics, capturing the essence of lighthearted romance and relationship follies.

With each artist’s distinctive style, the song narrates comical scenarios of love’s ups and downs, making it a perennial favorite in the Filipino music scene and a go-to choice for those seeking a fun and entertaining karaoke experience.

If you’re a fan, seize the opportunity to perform it at your next karaoke night and revel in the fun it brings to the stage.


How to Choose the Right OPM Karaoke Song

Choosing the best OPM karaoke songs is crucial for an enjoyable singing experience. Here are some tips to help you pick the right track:

  • Personal Preference: Select a song that resonates with your emotions and musical tastes. It’s essential to enjoy the song you’re singing.
  • Try another song: While you can still sing songs by your favorite artists, consider exploring tracks from different artists and genres. This approach will infuse fresh interest and excitement into your performances while also presenting an enjoyable challenge for you as a singer.
  • Vocal Range: Consider your vocal range and choose a song that suits your voice. Singing within your comfort zone enhances the performance.
  • Audience Engagement: Opt for songs your audience will recognize and enjoy singing with you. Popular songs tend to create a lively atmosphere.
  • Practice: Rehearse the song before your karaoke session to boost your confidence and deliver a captivating performance.

Pro Tips for a Great Karaoke Experience

best opm karaoke songs

To elevate your karaoke game, this section delves into expert advice for nailing those performances. Featuring insights to make even the best OPM karaoke songs sound better, these pro tips will help ensure that your karaoke sessions are nothing short of spectacular.

  • Warm-Up: Do vocal warm-up exercises before singing to ensure your voice is ready for the performance.
  • Song Lyrics: Familiarize yourself with the lyrics beforehand to avoid stumbling during the performance. While it’s not obligatory, familiarizing yourself with the intricacies and lyrics of your chosen tracks can alleviate nervousness and boost your confidence during your performance.
  • Audience Interaction: Engage with your audience, encourage them to sing along, and create a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Proper Equipment: Use a quality karaoke machine or video setup with clear audio and visuals for an immersive experience.
  • Stay hydrated for optimal singing performance: To ensure your health and comfort during singing, stay hydrated by sipping water before, during, and after your performance to keep your throat and mouth well-moisturized.

Final Thoughts

With this list of the best OPM karaoke songs, you’re ready to rock your karaoke parties and gatherings. Whether you prefer heartfelt ballads, energetic rock tunes, or soulful R&B hits, there’s something for every Filipino music lover.

So, gather your friends and family, hit the karaoke stage, and celebrate the rich tapestry of OPM through music and singing. Happy singing!



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