How to Change Pocket WiFi Password: Easy Steps for 6 Brands

Staying connected through WiFi is fantastic, but having a poorly secured WiFi can leave your personal info leaking out. Sneaky neighbors may sip on your resources and cause a lagging internet connection. I’ve experienced worrying about who might be secretly using my WiFi, and I’ve improved it.

So, let me share my methods about how to change Pocket WiFi password using your router’s config page. Changing the WiFi password regularly is a must for keeping the data safe. I’ve done it many times; trust me, it’s a straightforward process. So, let’s get your WiFi locked down and secure your online world.

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Preparation for Changing Pocket WiFi Password

Preparation for Changing Pocket WiFi Password

Are you ready to change your Pocket WiFi password? I’ve done this more times than I can count. So, you don’t need a ton of tech magic, just a few basics:

  • Ensure you have access to your device with a computer or smartphone.
  • Next, it’s crucial to have a stable internet connection, as you’ll need to access the admin panel of the device online.
  • Finally, keep a secure and memorable new password in mind.

In no time, you’ll have that new password locked and loaded. Let’s dive in and get your Pocket WiFi secured!


2 Methods to Change Your Pocket WiFi Password

As I’ve been down this road a few times, I’m happy to share the know-how on changing your Pocket WiFi password. You’ve got two methods to make it happen, and it’s simpler than you might think.

How to Change Pocket WiFi Password Using Phone

If you’re the kind of person who’s always on the move (like me), this method is perfect for you. Here’s how:

  • Open Your Web Browser: Fire up your web browser on your phone. It could be Chrome, Safari, or whatever you prefer.
  • Input IP Address: In the browser’s address bar, type in your Pocket WiFi’s IP address. It’s usually something like Choose “Enter.”
  • Log In: You’ll be prompted to enter a username and password. Often, these are “admin” for both fields. But if you’ve changed them before, use the updated info.
  • Access Settings: Look for “Settings” or something similar once logged in. There, you’ll find the option to change your WiFi password.
  • Set the New Password: Enter your new password and save the changes. Don’t forget to hit “Apply” or “Save” to make it official.

How to Change Pocket WiFi Password in Laptop

How to Change Pocket WiFi Password in Laptop

Sometimes, I prefer to sit down with my laptop for this job because I find it easier. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Connect Your Laptop: Connect your laptop to your Pocket WiFi. You can usually find the default WiFi name and password on the back of your Pocket WiFi device.
  • Open a Web Browser: Like with your phone, open a web browser on your laptop.
  • IP Address Time: In the browser’s address bar, type in the IP address for your Pocket WiFi (like and press “Enter.”
  • Log In: You’ll be asked for a username and password like on the phone process.
  • Navigate to Settings: Find the “Settings” or a similar tab to locate the WiFi password change option once logged in.
  • Enter the New Password: Type in your new WiFi password and remember to press “Apply” or “Save.” to keep it.

And that’s it! Either method gives you a fresh WiFi password to keep your connection safe and sound. It’s a breeze, I promise.


How to Change the Pocket WiFi Password for Different Brand

In this section, I will guide you through changing your Pocket WiFi password for various brands. While there may be some differences, the basic steps remain quite similar.

Easy Way To Change Globe Pocket WiFi Password

To update your Globe Pocket WiFi password, here’s what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Connect to your Globe Pocket WiFi using your phone, tablet, or computer. Launch any web browser and type in your device’s IP address (e.g.,
  • Step 2: Type the default username and password (usually “admin” for both). After logging in, you’ll come across the Quick Setup window. If you prefer step-by-step guidance, click the “Quick Setup” button. If you want to update your WiFi password manually, click “Skip.”
  • Step 3: On the “User Settings” page, enter your admin username and password again, then click “Next” to proceed. You can keep with the default settings for the “Internet Connection” page. Just scroll down to find the “Next” button to continue.
Easy Way To Change Globe Pocket WiFi Password
  • Step 4: Now, on the “Wireless Settings” page, you can change your WiFi name and password. If you want others to see your WiFi network when your Pocket WiFi is on, select the “Visible” option. Once you’re done, hit “Next.”
  • Step 5: It will move to the “Device Placement Guidelines” page. Make sure to read it; once you’re ready, click “Finish.”

If you skip the Quick Setup, go to “Wireless” in the main menu, then select “Wireless Security Settings” on the left. There, you can enter your desired WiFi name and password. Once you’re all set, press “Save.” That’s done!

How to Change the Password of Huawei Pocket WiFi

If you use Huawei Pocket WiFi, I’ll guide you through the process of updating your WiFi password. I will cover your preferences using a web browser or the Huawei AI Life mobile app.

  • Step 1: Connect your devices to Huawei Pocket WiFi.
  • Step 2: Open a web browser, enter the device’s IP address, and log in like a general process.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the “WiFi Settings” section. It would help if you spotted any of these options near the top of the page, alongside Network Settings and Tools.
  • Step 4: Input your fresh password into the “WiFi Password” field. If you want to double-check what you’re typing, simply click the eye icon. If you can’t find this field, navigate to “WiFi Basic Settings” in the left-side menu. Lastly, select “Save” from the page’s bottom menu.

Keep in mind that once you save these settings, all the devices in your WiFi network will need to enter the new password to stay connected.

How to Adjust Smart Pocket WiFi Password

The process for Smart Pocket WiFi is quite similar to the steps for Globe, so I’ll not repeat it here. Follow the instructions above, but ensure you use the specific IP address and login details provided by Smart. (The default username and password is “smartbro”).

How to Update Sun Pocket WiFi Password

How to Update Sun Pocket WiFi Password

Here are simple steps to guide you through the process of updating your Sun pocket WiFi password:

  • Step 1: Connect to your Sun Pocket WiFi.
  • Step 2: Open a web browser and access the device’s IP address. Enter or, depending on your specific Sun Pocket WiFi router model.
  • Step 3: Log in using your username and password. (typically “admin”).
  • Step 4: Navigate to Settings > WiFi Settings > Security.
  • Step 5: Find the option to change the password. After changing the password, save the modifications.

Now, you’ve successfully updated your Sun Pocket WiFi password.

How to Change the Password of Sky Broadband Pocket WiFi

Changing your Sky Broadband Pocket WiFi password is also a simple process. Here’s how to do it.

  • Step 1: Connect to your TP-Link Pocket WiFi.
  • Step 2: Access the device’s IP address via a web browser. (E.g,
  • Step 3: Log in using your username and password. (username: admin; password: “sky” or your WIFI password (case sensitive)
  • Step 4: Choose Wireless Settings, Setup, or Wireless, depending on your router type.
  • Step 5: Scroll down to Security Settings to change the WiFi password. Enter your new password and click Apply.

If you’re using a TP-Link Pocket WiFi and need to update your password for security reasons, here’s a straightforward guide to help you:

  • Step 1: Connect to your TP-Link Pocket WiFi by selecting its network on your device and entering the current password.
  • Step 2: Type the default IP address for your TP-Link Pocket WiFi in the browser’s address bar. ( or
Changing Password of TP-Link Pocket Wifi
  • Step 3: A username and password entry form will appear. Use the default login credentials, often “admin” for both, unless you’ve changed them previously.
  • Step 4: Once logged in, look for the “Wireless” or “Wireless Security” tab in the router’s settings. The current WiFi password is in the “Wireless Security” section. Please select the option to change it.
  • Step 5: Enter your desired new WiFi password. Make sure it’s strong and secure, combining upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. At the bottom of the page, remember to press “Apply” or “Save” to save your changes.

Best Practices for Changing Your Pocket WiFi Password

Learning how to change your Pocket WiFi password is a smart move to boost security. Let me share some tips to keep your connection locked down.

  • Create Strong Passwords: When crafting a new password, go for a mix of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid using easily guessable info like simple numbers, birthdays, or “password” (seriously, don’t!). I’ve found that a creative combination of words and characters does the trick.
  • Changing Passwords Regularly: Don’t get too comfy with one password. Changing it every few months is a savvy move. I’ve made it a habit. It’s like giving your WiFi a fresh set of locks.
  • Disabling Remote Management: This is a trick not everyone knows. Many Pocket WiFi devices allow remote management through a web interface. Turning this off adds an extra layer of protection. It’s something I’ve done with mine.
  • Bonus Tip: Consider enabling WPA3 security if your device supports it. It’s the latest and greatest in WiFi protection.

Remember, your Pocket WiFi is your connection to the online world, so safeguarding it is essential. These practices have helped me keep my connection secure and peace of mind intact.



FAQs about update pocket wifi password

What is the IP address of pocket WiFi?

The IP address of your Pocket WiFi can vary based on the brand and model. Common ones include or Check your device’s manual or settings for the specific IP address.

How frequently am I allowed to modify my WiFi password within a year?

You can change your WiFi password as often as possible; there’s no set limit. However, it’s recommended to change it periodically for security.

What is the recommendation for a pocket WiFi password?

A strong Pocket WiFi password should include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. It should be unique and not easily guessable, like avoiding common words or birthdays.

Can I change my Pocket WiFi password on any device?

Yes, as long as it’s connected to the same network, you can change your Pocket WiFi password on any device with a web browser, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

I’ve forgotten my current Pocket WiFi password. What should I do?

If you’ve forgotten your recent password, you can typically reset it by accessing your device’s settings using the IP address and login details. Refer to your device’s manual for specific instructions.



In wrapping it up, knowing how to change your Pocket WiFi password is more than just a good practice. It’s your shield against potential digital intruders. I’ve been down this road plenty of times, and I can declare it’s a simple yet crucial step in keeping your online world safe.

This process is like locking your front door to prevent unwanted guests. So, remember, regularly changing your password and creating strong and unique ones are your best allies. Stay safe and surf on, my fellow digital explorers!



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