The collection of step-by-step cleaning guides on various home appliances, written by the Philippines Editorial team.

Home Office

How to Clean Headphones and Earphones Properly & Easily

Learn the best techniques on how to clean headphones. Follow our step-by-step guide and ...
Living Room

Maximize Efficiency: How to Clean Tower Fan in 5 Simple Steps

Discover practical tips on how to clean tower fan in our comprehensive guide. Enhance ...
Living Room

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Clean Electric Fan at Home

Explore how to clean electric fan properly. Following our step-by-step guide is the best ...
Living Room

DIY Maintenance Tips: How to Clean Split-Type Aircon

Learn how to clean split type aircon with our expert tips. This DIY guide will help you ...
Living Room

Clean it Up: How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner Efficiently

Dirtiness will affect the vacuum cleaner's systems. Check out our instructions on how to ...
Living Room

How to Clean Window Type Aircon: Pro Tips for a Spotless Unit

Learn how to clean window type aircon with our comprehensive guide. Follow our ...

Step-by-Step: How to Clean a Microwave Oven Like a Pro

How to clean microwave oven? Learn step-by-step techniques and expert tips to keep your ...

How to Clean a Coffee Maker: Expert Tips for a Fresh Brew Daily

How to clean coffee maker to ensure a residue-free and well-functioning machine? Follow ...

How to Clean Refrigerator the Right Way: A Complete Guide

This complete guide teaches how to clean refrigerator inside and out. Find out what ...
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