Best Bluetooth Speaker Philippines: Top 9 for Epic Audio 2024

This post helps you find the best Bluetooth speaker Philippines. This guide features top-rated speakers, expert reviews, and buying tips.
Marshall Kilburn II

On the hunt for the best Bluetooth speaker Philippines? Your search ends here! This blog is your ultimate guide to finding the perfect audio companion for your adventures, from sandy beaches to mountain peaks; we’ve got you covered.

Understanding that the numerous available Bluetooth speaker models can be confusing, I’ve meticulously curated a list of the top picks in the Philippines. Beyond just a list, this is a comprehensive buying guide crafted to navigate you toward the Bluetooth speaker that aligns with your specific needs, preferences, and budget. So wait no more; let’s dive right in!

MASS MS-5212BT Best Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone
Impactful sound, equalizer, easy to carry
JBL CLIP 4 Ultra-portable Bluetooth Speaker Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Impressive sound with bass, IP67 waterproof, 10-hour battery
Marshall Willen
Marshall Willen Best Small Bluetooth Speaker
Powerful sound, IP67 waterproof, 15-hour playtime
bluetooth speaker Samsung MX-T40/XP
Samsung Sound Tower MX-T40/XP Best Big Bluetooth Speaker
300W capacity, bass booster feature, with LED
Marshall Kilburn II
Marshall Kilburn II Best Sound Quality Bluetooth Speaker
Vintage design, 20-hour playtime, quick charge, customizable sound

Reviews of 9 Best Bluetooth Speakers Philippines

Whether you’re a beach lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or a partygoer, my expert recommendations will help you find the ultimate companion for your audio needs. So, let’s dive into our exploration of the best Bluetooth speaker Philippines and unleash the power of portable sound!

Our Content Writers Team uses their personal expertise, knowledge, and experience to shape our trusted Buying Guide. This guide informs every product selection and review we make—whether it’s items we’ve used ourselves, sponsored products, or cool finds on e-commerce sites like Shopee and Lazada. Each of our HomeTopPicks reviews is entirely unbiased, and our ratings are independent, never influenced by the opinions of brands or sellers—we’re all about serving you, our readers! For more information, please see HomeTopPicks’ Content Policy.

MASS 12″ Bluetooth Speaker MS-5212BT

Best Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker/Best Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone

MASS 12" Bluetooth Speaker MS-5212BT
  • Price: ₱2,499
  • Speaker power: 300W
  • Charging time: 10-12 hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Aux, USB, Micro SD.
  • Guitar input socket
  • Wireless microphone included

While attending my friend’s backyard party, I had the opportunity to try out the MASS 12″ MS-5212BT Bluetooth Speaker and was immediately fascinated. That’s why it was the first product to appear on the list.

The MASS 12″ Bluetooth Speaker MS-5212BT is an excellent speaker for a party. It delivers impactful and high-quality sound with its 12″ speaker and Bluetooth connectivity, making it an excellent choice for playing music wirelessly.

In addition, with its built-in FM radio, USB and SD slots, and microphone input, you’ll have plenty of options to keep the entertainment going all night long, either with your tunes or by singing or speaking into the microphone.

The portable design with wheels and handles makes it easy to transport. With its rechargeable battery, you can keep the party cordless without worrying about plugging it in.

While the speaker interface may require some learning, its performance and features make it ideal for larger gatherings and celebrations.


  • Powerful 12″ speaker for impactful sound
  • Built-in FM radio for added entertainment options
  • Music Channel Equalizer for customized sound
  • Microphone input for karaoke or public speaking
  • Wheels and handle for easy transport


  • Limited control options
  • The interface may require some learning

JBL CLIP 4 Ultra-portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Philippines

JBL CLIP 4 Ultra-portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Price: ₱2,699
  • Speaker power: 5W
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Charging input: Type C
  • Speaker weight: 239g
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1

The JBL CLIP 4 Ultra-portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is designed conveniently, making it the ideal companion for your adventures. Its ultra-portable design includes a built-in carabiner, allowing you to easily clip it to your backpack, belt loop, or any other gear, ensuring it’s always within reach.

Don’t be fooled by its small size – the JBL CLIP 4 delivers impressive sound quality with its powerful driver and JBL’s signature audio technology, producing rich and immersive sound wherever you are. And with its IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, you can confidently take it to the poolside or beach without worrying about splashes or rain.

The JBL CLIP 4 also features an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours, so you can keep your favorite tunes playing all day. Whether hiking, biking or simply lounging, the JBL CLIP 4 Ultra-portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for those seeking unmatched portability and exceptional sound in every adventure.


  • Rich audio and punchy bass from a compact size
  • Ultra-portable design with multi-color option
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Built-in carabiner for convenient attachment to bags or clothing
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life for long-lasting playback


  • Small size may limit the overall sound output

Marshall Willen Bluetooth Speaker

Best Small Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Willen Bluetooth Speaker
  • Price: ₱6,590
  • Speaker power: 10W
  • Battery life: 15 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Charging input: Type C
  • Speaker weight: 310g
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1

As a Marshall fan, I can confidently say that the Marshall Willen Bluetooth Speaker is hands down the best small Bluetooth speaker you can find in the Philippines. Its iconic design, powerful sound performance, and portability make it the perfect choice for music lovers like us who want exceptional audio quality on the go.

What sets this speaker apart is its ability to deliver that classic Marshall sound. With one 2″ full-range driver and two passive radiators, it packs a punch for audio. 

Plus, it has an IP67 water and dust resistance rating, which means it’s built to last, giving us peace of mind for all our outdoor adventures.

And let’s not forget about the battery life. With 15+ hours of playtime on a single charge, this speaker won’t let us down. It even has a built-in microphone for making voice calls without sacrificing audio quality. Plus, you can connect it to other Willen speakers to create a superb home audio setup.

Now, I’ll admit that this speaker is on the pricier side. But trust me when I say that the exceptional sound quality, durability, and versatile features of Marshall Willen make it a worthy investment for any music enthusiast who wants a top-notch Bluetooth speaker.


  • 2″ full range driver, two passive radiators for signature Marshall sound
  • High-quality IP67 dust- and water-resistance
  • 15+ hours of playtime per charge
  • 60% recycled plastic, entirely PVC-free
  • Multiple positioning options with back-mounted strap
  • Built-in microphone feature
  • Can connect with other Willen speakers


  • Higher price point

Samsung Sound Tower MX-T40/XP

Best Big Bluetooth Speaker

Samsung Sound Tower MX-T40/XP
  • Price: ₱9,499
  • Speaker power: 300W
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Aux
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 291.5 x 530.5 x 268.0 mm

The Samsung Sound Tower Speaker MX-T40/XP is worth the try for anyone looking for a big Bluetooth speaker in the Philippines, offering an all-around excellent audio experience that is tough to beat.

With its impressive capacity of up to 300W, the speaker produces a sound unmatched in quality and clarity. The speaker’s bass booster feature adds an extra punch to the powerful bass, creating a dynamic and immersive soundstage that fills the room.

Moreover, the Bi-directional room-filling Sound technology gives an excellent audio experience from anywhere in the room. The LED Party Lights feature adds a festive and energetic vibe to any party. At the same time, the water-resistant top panel ensures durability and protection from accidental spills.


  • High speaker capacity of up to 300W
  • Punching bass boosting sound with bass booster feature
  • Can connect multiple Samsung Sound Tower devices with the Group play feature
  • Wider soundstage with Bi-directional room-filling Sound
  • Festive mood with LED Party Lights feature
  • Water resistant top-panel


  • No built-in battery

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Speaker Mini

Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Speaker Mini
  • Price: ₱1,999
  • Speaker power: 3W
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Charging input: Type C
  • Speaker weight: 185g
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0

The Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Speaker Mini is an affordable, quality speaker that can hold its own against larger devices, making it the go-to option for anyone who prioritizes portability and convenience.

Despite its small size, the Xiaomi Mijia delivers a crystal-clear audio experience, making it the best mini Bluetooth speaker in the Philippines. The speaker’s dustproof and waterproof features make it ideal for outdoor use, providing durability and peace of mind.

The built-in mic with high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio ensures clear conversation during phone calls. While the limited volume control may be a drawback, it is a minor issue compared to Xiaomi Mijia’s overall package.


  • Dynamic sound quality
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • IP67 class dustproof and waterproof
  • Built-in mic with high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio for clear calls
  • Affordable price


  • Limited volume control

Tribit Home Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speaker with Radio

Tribit Home Bluetooth Speaker
  • Price: ₱2,999
  • Speaker power: 25W
  • Charging input: Type C, Type A
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Functions: Alarm clock, Radio, Sleep aid (White Noise)

The Tribit Home Speaker Bluetooth is an excellent device for anyone looking for a versatile audio solution. The speaker combines three functionality into one device: a Bluetooth speaker, clock, and radio, providing a range of options for users in one compact and portable design.

The Bluetooth speaker is easy to pair with any device, delivering excellent sound quality with balanced audio performance, making it perfect for any listening occasion.

The clock display is clear and easy to read, with the option of dimming the backlight to match the room’s lighting conditions. Lastly, the FM radio feature completes the device, with the option to switch between different stations and save preferred channels.

Overall, the Tribit Home Speaker Bluetooth is a versatile and well-designed product that would elevate any room’s ambiance, offering a lot in one pack.


  • Splendid high-fidelity sound with explosive bass
  • Adjustable light themes
  • Built-in alarm clock
  • More Ways to Listen: SD card, Aux input, Bluetooth 5.0, or the FM channels
  • Unique Sleep aid (White Noise) function


  • Limited FM radio reception in areas with weak signals

Edifier MP260 Bluetooth Speaker V5.0

Best Bluetooth Speaker Philippines with Subwoofer

Edifier MP260 Bluetooth Speaker V5.0
  • Price: ₱2,367
  • Speaker power: 8W (Tweeter) + 12W (Subwoofer)
  • Number of channels: 2.1
  • Battery life: 7 hours
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0

The Edifier MP260 Bluetooth Speaker V5.0 is a perfect audio companion for your bedroom, living room, or workspace.

This portable speaker combines convenience and powerful sound in a sleek and compact design. The standout feature of the speaker is its classic 2.1 acoustic structure, which ensures a rich and immersive audio experience. Whether listening to music, streaming movies, or enjoying podcasts, the speaker delivers high-quality sound with deep and resonant bass.

With Bluetooth 5.0, you can wirelessly connect any compatible device for a seamless music streaming experience. The wooden box construction enhances the overall sound quality, providing a warm and natural signature that elevates your music to new heights.


  • Built-in subwoofer for enhanced bass
  • Side panel with a bass reflex port for outstanding low-frequency bass
  • Multifunctional: Bluetooth, U disk/TF Card Playback, AUX, Micro USB
  • Features a large display for clock/alarm
  • The automatic light sensor matches the environmental brightness
  • Premium wood surface material
  • Easy-to-use multi-function buttons
  • Sleek, stylish design


  • The wood surface may not tolerate water or high humidity

JBL Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker
  • Price: ₱2,399
  • Speaker power: 4.2W
  • Battery life: 5 hours
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Charging input: Type C
  • Speaker weight: 209g
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1

The JBL Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker is undoubtedly one of the best portable speakers in its price range. 

Almost every one of my travel-enthusiast friends got themself a JBL go. They give positive reviews about its durable, waterproof, and dustproof exterior. They also like its compact, portable design that is easy to carry around.

Despite its small size, the speaker delivers excellent sound quality that is aggressive and full of life, thanks to its integrated driver, and the bass is just right for a speaker of this size.

With intuitive buttons that are simple to operate and a solid Bluetooth range, the JBL Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker is a must-have for music lovers seeking a portable Bluetooth speaker as an audio companion.


  • Comes with Original JBL Pro Sound
  • Bold style and ultra-portable design
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Vibrant color options
  • Integrated loop for easy carrying


  • Limited volume range
  • Short playtime

Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker

Best Sound Quality Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker
  • Price: ₱15,990
  • Speaker power: 1 x 20W (Woofer), 2 x 8W (Tweeter)
  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Speaker weight: 2500g
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0

Again, as a Marshall fan, I can tell you that the Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker is a hard-to-beat choice to deliver premium sound features. With its iconic design and vintage-inspired aesthetics, this speaker not only catches the eye but also delivers an exceptional audio experience.

The sound output is powerful and detailed, with a great balance of bass and treble that brings music to life. Its customizable sound controls set the Kilburn II apart, allowing users to fine-tune the EQ settings with separate bass and treble knobs. This feature enables users to adjust the sound to their preferences, ensuring an immersive and personalized listening experience.

While the speaker may be a bit pricey, its build quality is top-notch, ensuring a robust and durable construction that lasts for years. The Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker is my next goal when my financial conditions become more comfortable.


  • Up to 20+ hours of playtime
  • Customizable sound controls with separate bass and treble knobs
  • Multi-Directional Sound
  • Multi-Host Functionality
  • Quick charge
  • IPX2 Water Resistant
  • Durable and roadworthy design with a vintage touch


  • High price

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Speaker Philippines

I bought three different Bluetooth speakers during the last two years. Based on my considerable experience with audio equipment, I can tell you there’s a lot to think about when choosing the right Bluetooth speaker here in the Philippines. 

Sound quality, portability, battery life, and price – each of these factors plays a significant role in shaping your listening experience. Let me walk you through these key aspects. 

Key Takeaways
1. Portability and Durability: Choose a compact, lightweight speaker with a handle or carrying strap. Look for water-resistant or waterproof speakers with a sturdy build.
2. Audio Performance: Select a speaker with well-balanced sound, clear highs, defined mids, and deep bass. Consider power output, driver size, and audio enhancements.
3. Battery Life: Choose speakers with longer battery life, considering real-world usage, volume levels, and connectivity options. Look for quick charging and battery life indicators.
4. Additional Features: Speakerphone capability is helpful for calls. Look for built-in microphones and speakerphone functionality.
5. Price: ₱2,000 to ₱6,000 is the best price range for a Bluetooth speaker with enhanced audio experiences and some more advanced features.

Portability and Durability

How to Choose Bluetooth Speaker

Firstly, think about how portable you need the speaker to be. A compact and lightweight design will be ideal if you plan to take it on outdoor adventures or travels. Additionally, look for features like a built-in handle or a carrying strap for easy transportation.

As for durability, consider the speaker’s construction and materials. Opt for water-resistant or even waterproof speakers, especially if you plan on using them near beaches or during rainy seasons. Look for speakers with a high IP rating, indicating their resistance to water and dust.

Additionally, check if the speaker has a sturdy build that can withstand accidental drops or bumps.

Audio Performance

Selecting a Bluetooth speaker with impressive audio performance will ensure a satisfying listening experience, whether enjoying music, watching movies, or hosting parties. Choosing a speaker that delivers high-quality sound and meets your audio preferences is essential.

Look for speakers with a well-balanced sound with clear and crisp highs, punchy and defined mids, and deep, rich bass. Pay attention to the speaker’s power output and driver size, which can impact the sound performance.

In my case, for speakers used outdoors, I like speakers with solid capacity and enough volume for open spaces. On the other hand, with speakers used indoors, sound quality is my top priority.

Additionally, consider the speaker’s audio enhancements, such as built-in equalizers, subwoofers, or sound modes, which allow you to customize the sound according to your liking.

Battery Life

The battery life determines how long you can enjoy your music without recharging the speaker.

Look for speakers with longer battery life if you plan on using them for extended periods or frequently take them on outdoor adventures. Consider the manufacturer’s claimed battery life, real-world usage scenarios, and factors like volume levels and connectivity options, as these can affect battery drain.

Additionally, check if the speaker supports quick charging and has a battery life indicator so you know when it’s time to recharge. Some speakers even offer the ability to charge other devices, which can be useful in emergencies.

Additional Features

Choosing Bluetooth Speaker in the Philippines

Speakerphone capability is a valuable feature to consider, especially for those who frequently make or receive calls.

Look for speakers with built-in microphones and speakerphone functionality. That allows you to respond to calls directly from the speaker, maintaining convenience and hands-free communication. Whether you’re on a conference call or simply want to keep your hands free while multitasking, speakerphone capability ensures seamless communication.


When considering the best Bluetooth speaker in the Philippines, remember price must align with the features and quality you seek. You can find affordable, mid-range, and high-end options for varying needs.

  • Affordable Range (₱500 to ₱2,000): Offers decent sound quality with basic features like Bluetooth connectivity and portability.
  • Mid-Range (₱2,000 to ₱6,000): Provides enhanced audio performance, additional benefits like water resistance, and longer battery life.
  • High-End (₱6,000 and above): Promises premium audio, advanced functionalities like multi-room connectivity, voice-assistant integration, and durable build quality.

Identify your budget and individual requirements to determine your optimal price range. Consider factors like sound quality, durability, battery life, and desired features to make an informed purchase decision.


5 Best Bluetooth Speaker Brands in the Philippines

Five available brands stand out as the most popular Bluetooth speaker brands in the Philippines: JBL, Tribit, Edifier, Marshall, and Sony. 

Here is my summarization of strengths, weaknesses, and prices so you can have more information to make an informed decision. And just for you to know, my favorites are JBL and Marshall.

BrandStrengthsWeaknessesPrice Range
JBL– Impressive sound quality- Wide range of speaker sizes and designs- Waterproof models available- Long battery life– Some users complain about durability- High-end models can be expensive₱1,500 – ₱30,000
Tribit– Affordable pricing- Portable and lightweight designs- Water-resistant models available- Good sound quality for the price–  Limited selection of speaker sizes and designs- Some users complain about battery life₱1,500 – ₱6,000
Edifier– High-quality sound with clear audio- Sleek and stylish designs- Durable build– Limited waterproof options₱1,500 – ₱20,000
Marshall– Iconic and stylish design- High-quality sound with deep bass- Long battery life– Expensive compared to other brands- Limited waterproof options₱8,000 – ₱30,000
Sony– Wide range of speaker sizes and designs- Impressive sound quality- Many features, including Extra Bass technology- Long battery life– Higher prices compared to some other brands- Limited waterproof options₱1,500 – ₱30,000

Where to Buy Bluetooth Speakers in the Philippines

If you’re in search of a Bluetooth speaker in the Philippines, you have a multitude of options when it comes to both online and offline retailers. Here, I’ve compiled a list of reliable sources where you can find a wide selection of Bluetooth speakers to suit your needs.

Lazada is a popular online marketplace in the Philippines, offering a vast collection of Bluetooth speakers from various brands. They often have promotional deals and discounts, making it a great place to find competitive prices.

Shopee is another well-known online shopping platform that offers a wide range of Bluetooth speakers. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily find the perfect speaker among the extensive selection.

While primarily known for fashion, Zalora also features a range of portable speakers, including Bluetooth options. They often have branded speakers, making it an ideal choice for those looking for more premium options.

With branches across the Philippines, Power Mac Center is a reputable retailer offering various electronic devices, including Bluetooth speakers. Visit their stores to explore different models and receive personalized assistance from knowledgeable staff.

SM Appliance Center is a well-established chain that specializes in a wide range of electronic appliances. Here, you can find a variety of Bluetooth speakers from different brands and compare them in person before making your purchase.

I’ve had positive shopping experiences with Lazada, so it’s my go-to site for purchasing Bluetooth speakers. Many audio equipment manufacturers have official stores there (LazMall), so don’t worry about buying devices online.



Can I connect multiple devices to a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, many Bluetooth speakers offer the ability to connect multiple devices. It is usually done through a Bluetooth pairing process. Check the user instructions or the manufacturer’s website for specific instructions on connecting multiple devices to your Bluetooth speaker.

How do I ensure Bluetooth compatibility with my device?

To ensure Bluetooth compatibility with your device, make sure that your device has Bluetooth capability. Most smartphones, laptops, and tablets come with built-in Bluetooth. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on both your device and the Bluetooth speaker. Follow the pairing instructions provided by the manufacturer to establish the connection.
Read more: How to Connect Your Bluetooth Speaker with PC and Smart TVs

How do I maintain and care for my Bluetooth speaker?
FAQs about Bluetooth Speakers

To maintain and care for your Bluetooth speaker:
1. Clean it using a soft cloth if necessary.
2. Avoid direct exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture. If it is a waterproof speaker, rinse it with fresh water after use in saltwater environments.
3. Keep the battery charged and avoid overcharging.
4. Store it in a safe place when not in use to prevent any physical damage.

Can a Bluetooth speaker be used as a speakerphone?

Yes, many Bluetooth speakers have a built-in microphone and speakerphone functionality, allowing you to use them as speakerphones for hands-free calling.
To use this feature, connect your smartphone to the speaker via Bluetooth and answer calls directly from the speaker. The built-in microphone will capture your voice, and the speaker will produce the audio.

Does higher watts mean better sound?

Not necessarily. While higher watts can contribute to louder sound output, it is not the sole determinant of sound quality. Speaker design, driver quality, and signal processing also play a significant role.
When assessing sound performance, it’s important to consider overall speaker quality, including the balance of bass, midrange, treble, clarity, and distortion levels.

What is a good speaker wattage?

A good speaker’s wattage depends on your specific needs. A speaker with 10-30 watts is typically sufficient for indoor use or personal listening. For larger rooms or outdoor gatherings, you may consider speakers with 30-50 watts or more for better sound projection and volume.
However, wattage should not be the sole factor to consider – aspects such as speaker size, quality of components, and overall design also affect the sound output and performance.


Wrap-up: Which is the Best Bluetooth Speaker Philippines?

In this blog, I compiled a list of the top-notch Bluetooth speakers, along with detailed specifications and reviews.

Which is the Best Bluetooth Speaker Philippines - JBL CLIP 4

After careful consideration, I decide to recommend the JBL CLIP 4 as the best overall Bluetooth speaker in the Philippines. This compact, lightweight speaker delivers impressive sound quality, has a rugged and waterproof design, and offers up to 10 hours of playtime. Its built-in carabiner also makes it easy to clip onto bags or other objects, enhancing its portability.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a high-end speaker with advanced features, our buying guide and recommendations have you covered. I hope this blog has been helpful in your search for the perfect Bluetooth speaker that suits your needs. Happy shopping, and enjoy your music wherever you go!


Tony, an experienced engineer and tech enthusiast, brings his expertise to Hometoppicks, where he oversees the Electronics and Entertainment Equipment sections. With his hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends, Tony provides reliable product recommendations and valuable insights into cutting-edge tech. You can find more about him here.

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