Best Laptop Power Bank: Top 6 Power On-The-Go for 2023

Ensure laptop vitality and charge devices like cameras and phones with the best laptop power bank Philippines. Stay powered on the go!
Romoss R300

In our fast-paced world, where laptops have become an integral part of our lives, staying connected and productive is essential. But what happens when your laptop runs out of battery while you’re on the move? That is where the magic of laptop power banks comes into play. These portable charging solutions ensure that your laptop stays powered up no matter where you are.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best laptop power bank Philippines and equip you with valuable knowledge to make an educated choice. Let’s explore!

Anker 737
Anker 737 Powerbank Best Overall Laptop Power Bank
24.000 mAh, fast and two-way charging, smart digital display
Tranyoo T-F23
Tranyoo T-F23 Budget Pick
60.000 mAh, fast-charging and flashlight
Romoss R300
Romoss R300 Best Heavy-duty Laptop Power Bank
81.600 mAh, 5 output ports, multiple recharging options

Best Laptop Power Bank Philippines: Top 6 Reviewed

Anker 737 Powerbank

Best Overall Laptop Power Bank

Anker 737 Powerbank
  • Price: ₱9,895
  • Battery capacity: 24000mAh
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Two-way charging technology
  • Three ports for concurrent charging
  • Fast Charging
  • Smart digital display
  • High price point
  • No wireless charging support

Let’s dive into the incredible features of the Anker 737 Powerbank – a true game-changer in the realm of charging solutions. This device is also a strong contender for the title of the best laptop power bank in the Philippines.

Get ready to be wowed by its ultra-powerful two-way charging prowess. Thanks to the cutting-edge Power Delivery 3.1 and bi-directional technology, you can rev up this portable charger swiftly or harness a staggering 140W ultra-powerful charge – talk about serious power in the palm of your hand!

But that’s not all; its high capacity, boasting a whopping 24,000mAh, means you can juice up your iPhone 13 nearly five times or give your 2021 iPad Pro 12.9″ a solid 1.3-time boost.

Keep tabs on your power with the smart digital display, effortlessly showing the output, input power, and estimated recharge time. The Anker 737 Powerbank is more than just a power bank; your reliable travel companion ensures you’re always ahead of the power game.

Tranyoo T-F23 60000mAh 65W Powerbank

Best Budget-friendly Laptop Power Bank

Tranyoo T-F23 60000mAh 65W Powerbank
  • Price: ₱3,399
  • Battery capacity: 60000mAh
  • Flashlight charge is good for outdoor camping
  • Fast Charging
  • High-capacity power bank
  • Four ports for concurrent charging
  • Affordable price
  • Multiple safety features
  • Quite heavy
  • No wireless charging support

Get ready to be amazed by the extraordinary features of the Tranyoo T-F23 Powerbank, a true gem in the world of charging solutions.

With lightning-fast 65W charging capabilities, this power bank doesn’t just recharge laptops but a whole array of devices, making it your go-to charging companion for various gadgets. Its ingenious multiple interface design ensures you can charge multiple devices concurrently, eliminating the need for waiting in line.

And here’s the real magic: the power bank’s intuitive technology detects your device’s specific charging requirements and seamlessly delivers the appropriate voltage for a safer and more efficient charge every single time.

Worried about your device’s safety? Worry not! This power bank comes armed with built-in safeguards against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits, ensuring your devices are in good hands.

With a substantial battery capacity of 60000mAh, the Tranyoo T-F23 is more than just a power bank; it’s a reliable companion that keeps your devices up and ready for action.

Romoss R300 81600mAh Power Bank

Best Heavy-duty Laptop Power Bank

Romoss R300 81600mAh Power Bank
  • Price: ₱10,990
  • Battery capacity: 81600 mAh
  • Ultra-high Capacity
  • Five ports for various devices
  • Built-in safeguards
  • Fast Charging
  • Multiple recharging options
  • Heavyweight

With various remarkable features, the Romoss R300 81600mAh Power Bank is undoubtedly one of the Philippines’ best hefty battery capacity power banks.

This power bank isn’t just your average charging companion; it’s a powerhouse ready to tackle all your charging needs. With a substantial capacity of 81600mAh, this power bank is not just limited to charging your devices. It’s a versatile outdoor power station that supports desktop computers, notebook computers, mobile phones, car batteries, and electric vehicle charging.

Weighing in at 3650g, it’s a bit of a heavyweight, but that’s because it packs a punch. Plus, with built-in fan cooling, you can count on it to stay cool even during prolonged use. Speaking of speed, you’ll be amazed by its ability to achieve a full charge within a mere 3.3 hours.

This power bank covers you whether charging via an adapter, solar panel, or car charging. And the added high-intensity LED emergency light makes it a reliable companion for outdoor adventures.

AUKEY PB-Y37 65W Power Bank

Best Lightweight Laptop Power Bank

AUKEY PB-Y37 65W Power Bank
  • Price: ₱3,289
  • Battery capacity: 20000 mAh
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with almost any device
  • Fast charging
  • PD wall charger for power bank recharge not included

With an impressive 20,000mAh battery capacity, the AUKEY PB-Y37 Power Bank brings a whopping 65W of power to the table, ensuring lightning-fast charging for various devices, including phones, MacBook Pro 13″, Nintendo Switch, and iPads.

Its Quick Charge 3.0 port boasts the ability to charge your compatible devices up to 4 times faster than standard alternatives. Plus, its mobile cable type with Type C and USB outputs means you can easily charge multiple devices. But AUKEY doesn’t stop there – they’ve even incorporated a special mode tailored for low-current devices like headphones and fitness trackers.

And let’s not forget about the convenience factor – weighing in at just 370g. This power bank is your ultimate lightweight companion, ensuring you stay charged without any extra burden.

Baseus Blade PPBLD100 100W Laptop Power Bank

Best Portable Laptop Power Bank

word image 5947 8
  • Price: ₱3,499
  • Battery capacity: 20000 mAh
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Fast charging
  • Two-way charging
  • Recharge time is only 1.5 hours
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Battery capacity is not high
  • Not compatible with Surface Go laptop charging

The Baseus Blade PPBLD100 is absolutely a strong contender for the title of the best portable laptop power bank in the Philippines.

Don’t let its slim and compact form fool you; this power bank packs a mighty 20,000mAh capacity, making it perfect for slipping into your bag without adding bulk while keeping your laptop battery covered.

With four fast charging ports at your disposal, you can simultaneously fast charge up to 4 devices – talk about convenience on the go!

But here’s where it truly shines: its 100W Power Delivery capability ensures you can power up your devices at lightning speed. Its elegant and lightweight design enhances its overall attractiveness, making it an essential travel companion. Thanks to two-way fast charging, it’s not just about charging your devices – it’s about efficiently and swiftly.

Baseus PPADM65 65W Power Bank

Baseus PPADM65 65W Power Bank
  • Price: ₱4,374
  • Battery capacity: 20000 mAh
  • Lightweight design
  • Smart digital display
  • Fast charging
  • Not compatible with all laptops
  • Battery capacity is not high

Get ready to experience charging like never before with the outstanding features of the Baseus PPADM65 65W Power Bank. Offering an impressive 65W high power, this power bank packs a punch perfect for your laptops, tablets, iPhones, and more.

But that’s not all – with the ability to simultaneously charge three devices, you’ll never have to wait your turn again. Its sleek metal casing design adds a touch of style and enhances heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance even during heavy use.

Worried about recharge time? Fear not – with 60W recharge capability, you’ll be back in action before you know it. Universal compatibility? Absolutely! You’re covered for all your charging needs with four ports: USB-C, 2 USB-A, and USB-Micro.

Plus, the digital percentage gauge keeps you informed, and its 20% slimmer profile than traditional 20,000mAh power banks makes it your ideal travel companion.


Laptop Power Bank Technical Term

Lap Power Bank Technical Term

Understanding the technical specifications of a laptop power bank is essential for making an informed choice.

  • Capacity, expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh), indicates the energy the power bank can store. A higher capacity means more charges for your devices.
  • Power Delivery (PD) and Quick Charge (QC) refer to fast-charging technologies, with PD often associated with USB-C ports and QC with USB-A ports.
  • The wattage (W) denotes the power output, affecting charging speed; a higher wattage generally means faster charging.
  • Voltage (V) and amperage (A) determine the compatibility with various devices. Ports labeled with output voltage and amperage help identify the charging capabilities for specific gadgets. Moreover, the number of ports affects the power bank’s multitasking abilities.
  • To ensure safety, Overcurrent Protection (OCP), Overvoltage Protection (OVP), and Short Circuit Protection (SCP) are crucial in preventing damage to your devices. Temperature control prevents overheating during charging.

Understanding these terms empowers you to choose the best laptop power bank that meets your specific needs while ensuring efficient, safe, and reliable charging for all your devices.


How to Choose the Best Laptop Power Bank Philippines

Several key features should be considered when selecting the best laptop power bank. These features can greatly impact the functionality and effectiveness of the power bank. Here’s what to consider:

Battery Capacity

If your intention involves charging your laptop, a higher battery capacity is imperative than you’d require for a cellphone. This metric is quantified in milliamp-hours (mAh) or watt-hours (Wh); the larger the figure, the greater the power bank’s capability to provide energy to your device before necessitating a recharge.

Our experts advise opting for a power bank boasting no less than 20,000mAh or 60Wh to cater to your laptop charging needs.


Choosing the Best Power Bank for Your Laptop

It’s crucial to ensure that the voltage output of the power bank aligns with your laptop’s requirements. Some laptops demand a specific voltage for effective charging. Matching the voltage ensures a safe and efficient charging process without any potential damage to your laptop.

Beyond voltage, confirm the power bank’s compatibility with your laptop’s charging protocol. Certain laptops utilize proprietary charging technologies that all power banks might not support. Look for power banks that explicitly state compatibility with your laptop brand and model.

Charging Time & Efficiency

The efficiency of a power bank determines how effectively it transfers its stored energy to your devices. A power bank with higher efficiency will charge your devices faster and potentially extend the life of your batteries. Consider the power bank’s charging time – how quickly it recharges itself after depleting its capacity.

Connectivity Options

If you intend to simultaneously charge multiple devices, seek out a power bank equipped with multiple output ports. USB-C ports offer convenient, fast charging capabilities, whereas USB-A ports, being more commonplace, facilitate the simultaneous charging of smaller devices.

Additionally, an AC outlet proves advantageous if you require the convenience of plugging in a device’s corresponding two-prong or three-prong charger.


Generally, the best price range for laptop power banks in the Philippines is roughly ₱1,000 to ₱12,000. Budget considerations are crucial when making any purchase. While premium power banks offer advanced features and faster charging, they might also come at a higher cost. Balancing your requirements with your budget is essential.


How to Use a Laptop Power Bank Effectively

Using a laptop power bank effectively involves a combination of proper setup, thoughtful usage, and savvy power management. Here’s a concise guide to help you make the most of your laptop power bank:

Connecting and Charging

Connecting laptop with power bank
  • First, ensure your laptop power bank is adequately charged before use.
  • Link the power bank to your laptop using a suitable cable, such as USB-C, USB-A, or other proprietary connectors.
  • Turn on the power bank.
  • Your laptop should automatically detect the external power source. It will draw power from the power bank instead of its internal battery.
  • Carry on using your laptop normally as it continues to charge.
  • Once your laptop is fully charged, unplug it from the power bank to prevent unnecessary wear on both devices.

Other Useful Tips

To truly exploit your laptop power bank’s capacities, you must maximize its battery life and optimize its charging efficiency. We will share valuable tips to excel in both areas, ensuring you make the most of your portable power source.

With Your Laptop Power Banks:

  • Recharge the power bank periodically, even when not in use, to prevent full discharging.
  • Use the included charging cables or high-quality alternatives to prevent damage.
  • Keep the power bank away from extreme temperatures.
  • Ensure proper ventilation for both the laptop and power bank to prevent overheating.

With Your Laptops:

  • Dim the screen brightness to extend battery life.
  • Close unnecessary apps and processes to conserve power.
  • Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed to save energy.
  • Use your laptop’s power-saving mode to extend battery life.
  • Don’t keep your laptop constantly connected to the power bank. Periodically discharge and recharge the internal battery for health.
  • Avoid using the laptop on soft surfaces that obstruct ventilation.

By implementing these tips, you can extend the life of your laptop power bank and make the most out of its charging capabilities, ensuring you have reliable power whenever you need it.



FAQs about laptop power bank
Are laptop power banks compatible with all laptop brands and models?

Laptop power banks are not universally compatible with all laptop brands and models. Different laptops require varying voltage and charging protocols. Choosing a power bank that explicitly supports your laptop’s brand and model is crucial to ensure safe and effective charging.

How long can a laptop power bank charge my laptop?

The duration a laptop power bank can charge your laptop depends on its capacity and your laptop’s energy consumption. On average, a laptop power bank with a 20,000mAh capacity could provide one to two full charges for standard laptops.

Can a laptop power bank charge other devices like smartphones and tablets?

Absolutely. Most laptop power banks come with multiple output ports, including USB-C and USB-A, compatible with various devices like smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. They can serve as versatile charging solutions for your entire tech arsenal. For more power bank options, check our reviews on the best power banks in the Philippines.

Can I bring a laptop power bank on a flight?

Yes, you can typically bring a laptop power bank on a flight. However, there are restrictions on the capacity allowed in carry-on baggage due to safety concerns. For safety reasons, airlines often limit power banks to a specific capacity, such as 100Wh or 160Wh. Make sure to check the airline’s regulations before you travel.

How long does it take to recharge a laptop power bank?

The recharging time of a laptop power bank varies based on its capacity, the input power source, and the charging technology it supports. Some power banks with fast charging capabilities might recharge within a few hours, while others may take longer. It’s advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for accurate recharging times.



best laptop power bank

Investing in a high-quality laptop power bank is a game-changer for productivity and convenience. With many options in the Philippines, you can find the best power bank that suits your needs.

Among the reviewed options, the Anker 737 Powerbank stands out as the best overall choice. Its impressive features, including ultra-powerful charging capabilities, high capacity, and smart digital display, make it a reliable companion for keeping your laptop and other devices powered up on the go.

Whether it’s a power-packed solution for fast charging or a lightweight companion for on-the-go, a laptop power bank ensures you’re never left powerless. Make the smart choice today and elevate your laptop experience with uninterrupted power anytime, anywhere.


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