Best Power Bank Philippines 2024: Your Guide to Top 8 Picks

Looking for the best power bank Philippines? Discover top choices for your devices and stay charged anytime and wherever you go.
best power bank philippines

Facing battery anxiety on the go? A power bank could be your savior. With the best power bank Philippines, you can easily stay connected, capture special moments, and never miss out on social updates.

Amidst the abundance of options, we’ve done the legwork and identified the finest power banks in the Philippines that align with your needs. Our selections come from top power bank brands, ensuring quality and reliability. Let’s explore and choose from the finest options to align with your needs.

Anker PowerCore III
Anker PowerCore III Best Overall Power Bank
10.000 mAh, fast charging, and wireless charging
Remax RPP-266/RPP-291
Remax Power Bank RPP-266/RPP-291 Best Heavy-duty Power Bank
80.000 mAh, fast-charging, 5 output ports, LED lights
₱2,600 – ₱2,800 CHECK PRICE Read full review
Romoss Sense 8P Plus
Romoss Sense 8P Plus Best Budget-friendly Power Bank
30.000 mAh, quick charging, lightweight

Best Power Bank Philippines: Top 6 Reviewed

Anker PowerCore III Power Bank

Best Overall Power Bank Philippines

Anker PowerCore III Power Bank
  • Price: ₱2,796
  • Battery capacity: 10000mAh
  • Fast-charging
  • Wireless Charging
  • Affordable cost
  • A bit bunky compared to the capacity

Experience the Philippines’ best power bank with the Anker PowerCore III. Its special features include portable wireless charging, offering up to 10W of wireless charging power for phones, earbuds, and other devices while on the move.

Additionally, it provides high-speed USB charging, with the option to connect to either the USB-C or USB-A port to deliver a powerful charge of up to 18W to your phone or tablet.

Notably, the PowerCore can even be used as a wireless pad in desktop mode by connecting it to a power supply via the USB-C port, allowing you to wirelessly charge your device while simultaneously giving the PowerCore’s internal battery a full recharge.

Remax 80000mAh Power Bank (RPP-266/RPP-291)

Best Heavy-duty Power Bank Philippines

Remax 80000mAh Power Bank
  • Price: ₱2,600 – ₱2,800
  • Battery capacity: 80000 mAh
  • Ultra-high Capacity
  • Fast charging
  • Multiple device charging (up to 5)
  • LED Flashlight
  • Various output ports
  • Affordable price point
  • Heavy
  • No wireless charging

Meet the Remax 80000mAh Power Bank – your ultimate power solution packed with convenience. This powerhouse doesn’t mess around with its super-fast external battery charging. You’ve got options: a USB wall charger, a car charger, or even a trusty portable power bank to juice it up.

Don’t be fooled by its massive 80000mAh capacity – it’s remarkably pocket-friendly, slipping right into your pocket or backpack without hogging space. What’s more? This power-packed gem arrives with many Remax accessories, including the battery charger, USB cables, and more goodies.

Oh, and speaking of care, it’s as easy as pie – a quick wipe with a damp cloth, and voilà! Let it chill in a cool spot to dry. Don’t miss out on this heavy-duty hero – your ultimate travel companion, Remax RPP-266 80000mAh Power Bank, has your back, no strings attached!

Romoss Sense 8P Plus Power Bank

Best Budget-friendly Power Bank

Romoss Sense 8P Plus Power Bank
  • Price: ₱1,312
  • Battery capacity: 30000 mAh
  • Affordable cost
  • Quick charging technology
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile input ports
  • Limited output ports compared to others

Say hello to the Romoss Sense 8P Plus Power Bank—your handy power helper! With a whopping 30000mAh capacity and three input ports (Lightning, USB Type-C, and Micro USB), it offers heavyweight charging in a sleek package.

Its dual USB output lets you power up two devices simultaneously while the LED power display keeps you informed. Equipped with Fit Charge technology, it’s compatible with various devices. The lithium polymer battery and quick charging chip rocket your charging experience.

As the cherry on top, it’s been named the best budget-friendly power bank in the Philippines. The Romoss Sense 8P Plus promises quality without breaking the bank!

BAVIN PC061 Wireless Magnetic Powerbank

Best Power Bank for iPhone

BAVIN PC061 Wireless Magnetic Powerbank
  • Price: ₱1,312
  • Battery capacity: 10000mAh
  • Fast charging
  • Very handy and easy to bring
  • Affordable cost
  • Lightweight
  • Limited to phones with metal cases

Get ready to be amazed by the BAVIN PC061 Wireless Magnetic Powerbank – a game-changer that’s all about making life easier. This little wonder is tailor-made for iPhone 12, 13, and 14 Series.

With its magnetic suction wireless charging adapter, it’s like your iPhone and this power bank are meant to be! Packing a punch with its 10000mAh capacity, this power bank is a real dynamo. And guess what? It’s not just about cables anymore – this one offers magnetic wireless fast charging, turning charging into a breeze.

Talk about versatility! With USB, wireless, and Type C output ports, as well as USB, iPhone, and Type C input ports, it’s all about convenience in every way possible. And as if it’s not awesome enough, it’s crowned as the best power bank in the Philippines for iPhone, taking your iPhone experience to a whole new level!

Yoobao H5 50000mAh Power Bank

Best Power Bank for Android

Yoobao H5 50000mAh - Best Power Bank for Android
  • Price: ₱2,499
  • Battery capacity: 50000 mAh
  • 2 LED Flashlight
  • Multiple output USB ports
  • Fast-charging
  • Long battery life
  • Can charge laptop
  • Reasonable price
  • Heavy

Discover one of the best power banks in the Philippines with the Yoobao H5 50000mAh. This power bank houses a high-quality Li-Polymer battery with an impressive 50000mAh capacity, ensuring you have ample power for your devices.

With a Type-C port supporting PD3.0 2-way fast charging technology at 20W (Max) and three output USB ports featuring SCP 22.5W (Max) fast charging, you can charge as many as four devices concurrently.

Notably, it is compatible with a wide range of devices, including tablets from Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo, as well as all iPhones, iPads, and other Android smartphones. The built-in LED lighting serves as a high-power flashlight, adding an extra layer of functionality. Safety is paramount with the smart chip’s multi-layer protection system against various risks, ensuring your devices stay secure.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 Pro

Best Portable Power Bank Philippines

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 Pro
  • Price: ₱1,699
  • Battery capacity: 20000 mAh
  • Two-way fast charging via USB-C port
  • Fashionable, durable unibody design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable cost
  • Cannot use USB-C PD and Quick Charge simultaneously
  • Limited to 40W for larger laptops

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is one of the most excellent power banks on the market today. It has a fast charging capacity of up to 45W combined with a capacity of 20,000 mAh, allowing the product to charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops via a USB Type-C port. The item is crafted to work seamlessly with a wide variety of devices, including MacBooks.

A charger with a large capacity of 20,000 mAh, like Mi Power Bank 3 Pro, will ensure a backup power supply for most commonly carried devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. The USB-C port with 45W two-way charging can power phones and laptops, including Apple’s MacBook lines. As such, it’s a portable power source for almost any device you bring, perfect for meeting the whole family’s needs.

Moreover, the product is integrated with a series of safety technologies such as overheating prevention, input and output voltage protection, short circuit prevention, battery overload protection, etc.


How to Choose the Best Power Bank in the Philippines

Choosing the right power bank can be daunting, given the array of options available. Here are some key factors to consider and tips to help you make an informed decision:

Battery Capacity

The power bank’s battery capacity determines the number of times it can charge your device. Consider your typical device’s battery capacity and how many full charges you need. A power bank with a capacity of 10000mAh or more is recommended for smartphones.

Charging Speed & Additional Features

Look for power banks that offer fast-charging technology, such as Quick Charge or Power Delivery. These advancements can considerably decrease the duration required for recharging your devices.

Some power banks have extra features like LED displays, wireless charging capabilities, or built-in cables. Decide which features are essential for your usage.

Port Specifications

Choosing Power Bank in the Philippines

First, consider the number and types of ports the power bank offers. The presence of multiple ports enables you to charge numerous devices concurrently, which can be convenient when you’re on the go.

Then, ensure the power bank’s ports are compatible with your devices’ charging cables. Look for USB-A and USB-C ports for maximum versatility.


Power banks come in various sizes, from pocket-sized options to larger models with higher capacities. Select a size that aligns with your lifestyle and personal preferences. Remember, higher-capacity power banks tend to be bulkier.

You should also consider the weight of the power bank, especially if you’ll be carrying it in a bag or pocket. Lighter options are more convenient for everyday use.


When buying a power bank in the Philippines, balance quality with affordability. Cheap options may lack performance or durability. In our experience, power banks priced between ₱1,500 to ₱3,000 offer a balance of reliable performance, fast charging technology, and durability.


Best Power Bank Brands in the Philippines

Several brands have made a mark in the Filipino power bank market. Let’s take a brief look at five of the best:


Romoss, a renowned Chinese brand, has made its mark in charging solutions with its innovative power banks.

They’re characterized by high capacity for prolonged usage, fast charging technology, sleek designs, and robust safety features ensuring hassle-free device charging. This superior performance, design, and safety blend make Romoss a sought-after choice for top-tier power banks.


Anker, a leading US brand, is known for providing top-notch, innovative charging solutions. Their power banks incorporate advanced technologies such as PowerIQ and Power Delivery for optimal, fast charging. Built to last, Anker power banks offer durable construction with sleek aesthetics, appealing to tech enthusiasts seeking excellence in their charging solutions.


power bank philippines Yoobao

Yoobao, a Chinese brand, offers high-capacity power banks designed for intensive device users. Known for their incredible battery capacity, these power banks support the energy needs of modern gadgets. Features like multiple input/output ports provide flexibility, while sturdy construction ensures longevity. With innovative features like wireless charging and LED displays, Yoobao power banks blend functionality with modern sophistication.


Chinese brand Xiaomi has revolutionized the tech landscape by providing high-quality, affordable power banks, striking a balance between excellence and cost-effectiveness.

Xiaomi power banks feature elegant designs and leading technology, including Quick Charge support. They cater perfectly to budget-conscious consumers, providing an optimal charging solution without compromising quality or innovation. Xiaomi illustrates that affordability and excellence can come in the same package.


Chinese brand Aukey is a recognized innovator in accessory production, noted for its advanced features. Aukey power banks shine in their product lineup, offering efficient charging solutions and utilizing advanced charging protocols like Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Blending efficiency, safety, and versatility, they appeal to tech enthusiasts seeking top-tier features in their charging solutions. Aukey’s commitment to innovation underscores its status as a preferred choice for those wanting more than average solutions.


Power Bank Usage Instructions

How to Charge a Power Bank

Charging a power bank is straightforward. Connect the provided charging cable to the power bank’s input port. Plug the other end into a compatible wall charger or USB port. The LED indicators will usually show charging progress. Wait until the indicators display a full charge. Charging times vary based on the power bank’s capacity and the charger’s output.

Once fully charged, disconnect the cable, and your power bank is ready to fuel up your devices on the go. Remember, using the original cable and charger with your power bank is recommended for optimal charging efficiency.

How to Use a Power Bank

How to Use a Power Bank

To use a power bank:

  1. Fully charge the power bank before its first use.
  2. Connect your devices to the power bank with suitable cables. Ensure they fits the device and power bank’s output port properly.
  3. Most power banks start charging upon device connection, while others might require pressing a button.
  4. Monitor your device to avoid overcharging. Once it’s fully charged, disconnect it to maintain battery health.
  5. Remember to recharge your power bank after use. Do note that power bank charging speeds may vary with the output capacity.

How to Reset a Power Bank

Resetting a power bank can help resolve minor issues. Look for a small reset button near the input/output ports. Use a thin tool like a paperclip and gently hold the reset button for a few seconds. The power bank might turn off and then restart.

Alternatively, you can perform a reset by fully charging the power bank and then using it until it’s completely drained. Charge it again and see if the issue persists.

Remember, if your power bank has a user manual, it’s wise to consult it for specific reset instructions. If problems persist, contact the manufacturer’s customer support for further assistance.

Safety and Maintenance

Safety when using power banks and charging devices is paramount. To ensure a secure experience, follow these guidelines:

  • Quality Matters: Invest in reputable brands to ensure quality construction and safety features.
  • Compatible Cables: Always use cables and adapters compatible with your devices and power bank to prevent overheating or damage.
  • Avoid Extreme Conditions: Don’t expose your power bank to high temperatures, direct sunlight, or water, as these can damage the battery and circuitry.
  • Unplug After Charging: Disconnect your devices once fully charged to avoid overcharging, which can lead to battery degradation.
Unplug After Charging
  • Store Properly: When not using it, keep your power bank in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Regular Use: Use your power bank regularly to prevent the battery from deteriorating due to prolonged inactivity.
  • Charge It: If not used for a long time, ensure your power bank is at least half charged before storing it.

By adhering to these safety practices and maintaining your power bank, you can enjoy prolonged use and ensure the safety of both your devices and yourself.



What is a power bank?

A power bank is a compact tool that stores electrical energy, allowing you to recharge your mobile devices while moving.

What is the optimal wattage for a power bank?

Look for power banks with higher wattage (W) for faster charging. Power banks with higher wattage can provide more efficient charging for larger devices like tablets and laptops.

What is the duration of use for a 20000mAh capacity?

The duration of use depends on the device you’re charging. On average, a 20000mAh power bank can fully charge a smartphone multiple times before recharging itself.

Is a 20000mah power bank allowed in flight?

Generally, power banks with a capacity of up to 27000mAh are allowed on flights within the Philippines. However, it’s recommended to check with your airline for specific guidelines.

Can I carry a power bank on flights within the Philippines?

Yes, you can carry a power bank on flights within the Philippines if it adheres to the airline’s guidelines. It’s best to keep it in your carry-on luggage.

Can a power bank charge a laptop?

Yes, some power banks come with higher wattage and USB-C ports capable of charging laptops. Check out our review article for a comprehensive guide on the best power banks for charging laptops.



best power bank philippines

After careful reviews and consideration, our verdict for the best power bank in the Philippines goes to Anker PowerCore III Power Bank. Its fast and wireless charging technologies bring the most convenience to people in this ever-connected world.

Having a reliable power bank is akin to having a lifeline to our devices. With a myriad of options available in the market, finding a power bank that suits your needs has never been easier. From the versatile Anker PowerCore III to the budget-friendly Romoss Sense 8P Plus, these power banks are here to keep you powered up wherever you go.

With the right power bank by your side, you can bid farewell to the dreaded low battery warning and embrace uninterrupted connectivity. Stay charged, stay connected, and explore the world of possibilities a reliable power bank offers.


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