Best TV Box Philippines 2024: 7 Must-Have Streaming Devices

Seeking for the best TV Box Philippines? Explore my guide featuring the top options for a superior streaming and viewing experience.
TV Box Apple

I love watching TV. Most of my free time, you can find me lying on the sofa with a remote in my hand. That’s why a TV box is a must-have item in my house. 

Before getting the current TV box, I had read thousands of reviews and gone through several models online and in the store. This guide is the result of my research and personal experiences. It will provide information to help you decide and find the best TV box Philippines to meet your needs. So, let’s get started!

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Box Philippines
NVIDIA SHIELD TV Box Best Android TV Box
Fast processor, 4K resolution, and various apps and services
TV Box Apple
Apple TV Box Best iOS TV Box
Large storage, 4K HDR, support multiplayer games
TV Box Roku
Roku TV Box Best Smart TV Box
Fast and smooth streaming, support 4K and Dolby Atmos, affordable
Google TV Box Xiaomi MI Smart
Xiaomi Mi Smart TV Box S Best Google TV Box
Fast processor, high resolution, budget-friendly
MXQ Pro 4K
MXQ Pro 4K TV Box Best Affordable Android TV Box
Stable operation, support external storage, and multiple connectivity options

Top 7 Best TV Boxes in the Philippines

Using a powerful and convenient TV box, you can change your regular TV to a smart one. Here are the top 7 best TV Box models in the Philippines that can enhance your entertainment experience.

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Best Android TV Box

Best TV Box Philippines NVIDIA SHIELD
  • Price: ₱11,066
  • OS: Android
  • Chip: Tegra X1+
  • Storage: 16Gb/3GB RAM
  • Resolution: 4K60, HDR10
  • Audio: Dolby, DTS:X
  • Attachments: Remote, adapter
  • Fast processor and high-quality graphics.
  • Supports 4K HDR streaming and gaming.
  • User-friendly Android OS interface.
  • Attach an easy-to-use remote control.
  • Million apps on Google Play Store.
  • Supports popular streaming services.
  • Stream from the computer to the TV box.
  • Built-in Google Assistant.
  • High price.
  • Limited storage capacity.
  • Occasional software bugs or glitches.


The NVIDIA SHIELD TV Box is assessed as the best TV box for Android TV in the Philippines market. Due to its robust processor, it offers a seamless streaming experience and renders stunning visuals. The user-friendly Android OS interface comes with a remote control, making navigation effortless.

The Shield TV Box supports various streaming apps and services from the Google Play Store. It also supports streaming content from other devices to the TV box, expanding viewing possibilities. It also features Google Assistant integration, allowing for hands-free voice control.

It does have limited storage capacity, but this can be overcome by using external storage options. Software bugs or glitches may occasionally occur, but updates usually address them. While the price may be higher, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Box is an excellent investment for an unparalleled streaming experience.

Apple TV Box

Best iOS TV Box

Apple iOS TV Box
  • Price: ₱10,990
  • OS: IOS
  • Chip: A15 Bionic
  • Storage: 64 – 128GB
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Audio: Dolby Atmos
  • Attachments: Remote
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Use iPhone to control Apple TV.
  • Excellent streaming 4K HDR quality.
  • Access to various Apple TV apps.
  • Mirroring from Apple devices with AirPlay.
  • Includes Siri and voice-enabled remote.
  • Supports multiplayer games.
  • Relatively high price.
  • Limited features for non-Apple users.
  • Requires an Apple ID.

Apple TV Box Review

If you are a big fan of Apple, the Apple TV Box can be added to your Apple device collection. You can use your iPhones to control the Apple TV Box easily, making navigation and interaction effortless. It has a large storage capacity to store a plethora of movies, shows, and apps.

With access to various Apple TV apps, you will have a vast library of content. The mirroring feature through AirPlay enables you to display content from Apple devices directly on the TV screen. Additionally, it features Siri integration, enabling users to control their TV through voice commands.

While the price may be relatively high, the Apple TV Box delivers premium quality and an unparalleled user experience. For non-Apple users, the features may be limited. However, for those deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple TV Box is the best iOS TV Box for 2024.

Roku TV Box

Best Smart TV Box

Best Smart TV Box Roku
  • Price: ₱1,795
  • OS: Roku
  • Resolution: 4K, Dolby Vision
  • Audio: Dolby Atmos
  • Attach: Remote, headphone, adapter.
  • Easy to use with a simple setup.
  • Smooth, fast, and powerful streaming.
  • Private listening with headphones.
  • It can mirror other devices.
  • Works with popular voice assistants.
  • Affordable price.
  • Limited apps and channels.
  • Limited storage capacity.
  • Software updates and bugs issues.
  • Some channels are not available in the Philippines.

Roku TV Box Review

The Roku TV is the best smart TV box in the Philippines due to its impressive features. My sister has got a Roku TV Box at home. According to her, the most fantastic feature of this product is its user-friendly interface

The setup process is also straightforward, even for someone unfamiliar with hi-tech devices. The box provides smooth, fast, robust streaming, offering a top-notch streaming experience.

Another fantastic feature is the private listening option, letting users enjoy their favorite content using headphones. The device also allows mirroring from other devices and works with popular voice assistants such as Google, Alexa, and Siri.

However, my sister did mention its limited storage, app, and channel selection as a downside. Some popular streaming services like Disney +, HBO Max, Prime Video, and Hulu are unavailable. Some features may not be available due to regional restrictions.

However, with its affordable price, the Roku TV Box is a fantastic choice for a powerful streaming device.

Xiaomi Mi Smart TV Box S

Best Google TV Box

Xiaomi Mi Smart TV Box S
  • Price: ₱3,399
  • OS: Google TV
  • Chip: SOC
  • Storage: 8GB/2GB RAM
  • Resolution: 4K UHD, Dolby
  • Audio: Dolby, DTS-HD
  • Attachments: Remote
  • Powerful and fast processor.
  • High and smooth performance.
  • Support 4K Ultra HD image quality.
  • Has Google TV’s feature.
  • Control with voice command.
  • 360° Bluetooth remote control.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • No home screen adjustment.
  • Occasionally, bugs and glitches.
  • Limited storage options.
  • Lower audio quality.

Xiaomi TV Box Review

The Xiaomi Mi Smart TV Box is ideal if you seek a budget-friendly option for Google TV without compromising performance. The high-speed processor delivers powerful 4K UHD performance, providing crystal clear, vibrant, colorful visuals.

Google TV operates it, so you can easily navigate the interface and have a vast content library. The 360° Bluetooth remote enhances usability further, making it more convenient.

Besides, it cannot adjust the home screen and has occasional bugs or glitches. The audio quality may not be as high as premium devices, but it still provides a decent listening experience.

However, the Xiaomi Mi Smart TV Box offers excellent value for its price point. It is still the best Google TV Box to enhance your entertainment.

When researching this product, I think it can go really well with the Xiaomi Mi TV P1 43 inches sitting in my company’s meeting room right now. Maybe I will make a suggestion next time we have a chance to obtain more devices in our workspace.

MXQ Pro 4K TV Box

Best Affordable TV Box

Affordable TV Box MXQ Pro 4K
  • Price: ₱799
  • OS: Android TV
  • Chip: Mali G31 CPU
  • Storage: 128GB/8GB RAM
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Attachments: Remote, keyboard, adapter.
  • Fast loading and run stably.
  • Has a handheld keyboard.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Supports external storage.
  • Support Advanced Features (PPOE, DLNA and Miracast).
  • Provides multiple connectivity options.
  • Low price point.
  • Slow performance.
  • Remote responds slowly.
  • Software and app update issues.
  • Limited customer support.

MXQ Pro TV Box Review

The MXQ Pro TV Box is the best option for Filipinos seeking a budget-friendly TV Box. For less than 1000 PHP, you can own this powerful TV box. It features fast loading and stable performance, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

It comes with a handheld keyboard that enhances convenience and ease of use. With a large storage capacity and support for external storage, users can store vast content. The MXQ Pro 4K also supports advanced features like PPOE, DLNA, and Miracast.

However, there are some cons to consider. The device may perform slowly, and the remote may sometimes respond slowly. Additionally, there may be issues with software and app updates. Nevertheless, the MXQ Pro 4K TV Box offers excellent value for its price, making it the best affordable TV Box in the Philippines.

GMA Affordarbox Digital TV

Best Digital TV Box in the Philippines

GMA Affordarbox Digital TV
  • Price: ₱799
  • Attachments: Remote, antenna, adapter
  • Offers free digital TV channels.
  • Can record personal videos.
  • Functional Auto-On alert feature.
  • Easy to set up with an antenna.
  • Includes multimedia playback.
  • Sleek and compact design.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Limited features.
  • Channel scanning issues.
  • Limited coverage area for antennas.
  • Not compatible with analog signals.

GMA TV Box Review

To watch digital TV with vast channels, refer to the GMA Affordabox Digital TV. It offers free access to digital TV channels, enabling you to watch a huge range of local content without subscription fees. You can record and re-watch your favorite show, so never miss your favorite content.

The Auto-On alert feature ensures you are always notified of upcoming shows or important announcements. Setting up the Affordabox is easy and simply connects it to an antenna. Additionally, the device includes multimedia playback, enabling users to enjoy their own videos or media files.

However, it does have some drawbacks, such as limited features and occasional channel scanning issues. Despite these drawbacks, the GMA Affordabox Digital TV remains the best digital TV box for all families. Its affordable cost makes it accessible to a broader audience.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Best Alexa Fire TV box

Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Price: ₱5,995
  • OS: Fire TV OS
  • Chip: Hexa-core
  • Resolution: 4K UHD, HDR10+
  • Audio: Dolby Atmos
  • Attachments: Remote, adapter.
  • Hands-free entertainment.
  • Built-in Alexa Voice remote.
  • Built with privacy protections.
  • Can control other devices.
  • Provides huge streaming services.
  • Occasional software glitches or freezes.
  • Alexa sometimes has no response.
  • Limited storage capacity.

Amazon Fire TV Box Review

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is my TV box. It fits perfectly with my DEVANT smart TV and has been a great addition to my entertainment setup. It’s fantastic how I can enjoy a hands-free experience with the option to use a remote or simply give voice commands. 

The built-in Alexa Assistant makes everything convenient by helping me navigate and access all the content I want. And knowing that my privacy is protected while I indulge in my favourite shows and movies is a relief. 

The Fire TV Cube also impresses me with its ability to control other compatible devices, simplifying my home entertainment setup. With access to various streaming services, there’s an incredible range of programming available to me. 

Of course, I’ve encountered occasional software glitches or freezes, and Alexa doesn’t always respond exactly as I expect. The limited storage capacity means I must manage my installed apps and data. 

Still, overall, the Amazon Fire TV Cube provides me with a seamless and feature-rich entertainment experience.


How to Choose the Best TV Box Philippines

As a tech enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours figuring out what makes the perfect TV box. From personal experience, I can tell you that there are numerous factors to consider when zeroing in on the one that’s just right for you. 

But worry not; I’ve crafted this guide to navigate you through these crucial aspects, making your decision-making process informed and much less daunting.

Key Takeaways
1. Hardware: A quick processor, enough RAM, and ample storage space ensure seamless performance.
2. Operating System: Choose one that fits your preferences (e.g., Android, Fire TV OS, Apple TV, Google TV OS).
3. App Availability: Ensure compatibility with popular streaming services and app stores.
4. Video/Audio Support: Opt for those supporting 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and compatibility with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X.
5. Connectivity: Look for WiFi/Ethernet, USB, and HDMI ports.
6. Price/Brand: Cost varies. Brands like Apple, Xiaomi, and Nvidia provide reliable performance and user-friendly interfaces.

Hardware Specification

Choosing the Best TV Box in the Philippines

The hardware specification of a TV box is the first factor when choosing the best TV box. It can decide the quality of performance. Look for models with a fast processor, sufficient RAM (at least 2GB), and ample storage space.

In addition, consider a powerful processor with a quality chip in a TV box. These specifications ensure smooth and lag-free operation. It is especially good when running resource-intensive apps or streaming high-resolution media.

Operating System

The operating system of a TV box determines its user interface and compatibility with apps. The most popular operating systems for TV boxes are Android TV and Fire TV OS.

Android TV is highly customizable and supports a wide range of apps and services. Fire TV OS, developed by Amazon, focuses on Amazon Prime Video and the Alexa voice assistant.

Moreover, famous brands like Apple and Xiaomi have their own OS, including Apple TV and Google TV OS. You can choose your favorite OS to suit your smart TV based on your needs and preferences.

App Availability

Check the app availability on the TV box you are considering. Seek support for popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube.

Additionally, you can access a huge range of apps through the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store. It allows for a more versatile entertainment experience. To explore interesting apps for your Android TV, refer to this post.

Video and Audio Support

A high-quality TV box must be able to support display and audio quality. Ensure that the TV box supports the desired video and audio formats for your entertainment needs.

Look for models that support 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR for a better visual experience. Additionally, check for compatibility with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X for immersive audio.

Connectivity Options

TV Box Connectivity Options

Consider the connectivity options provided by the TV box. Look for models with built-in WiFi for wireless internet connectivity. An Ethernet port also allows for a more stable and faster internet connection. USB ports are useful for connecting external storage devices, keyboards, or other accessories. HDMI ports enable connectivity to your TV or home theater system.

Price and Brand

The basic TV box prices in the Philippines range from PHP 500 to PHP 5000. The modern and high-end TV boxes can go up to PHP 20,000. They can depend on the brand, features, and specifications.

As for the best TV box brands in the Philippines, it is ultimately based on your preferences and requirements. Apple, Xiaomi, and Nvidia are widely regarded as one of the top brands for TV boxes, offering reliable performance and a user-friendly interface. Other brands you can also refer to are GMA, MXQ, Roku, etc.

Having a top-notch TV box is also better with a high-quality smart TV. You can consult our post on the Best Smart TVs in the Philippines for suggestions.


Tips and Tricks for Optimizing TV Box Experience

As someone who has spent countless hours binge-watching my favourite shows on TV boxes and streaming devices, I know nothing more frustrating than dealing with buffering issues, poor video quality, and a clunky user interface. 

That’s why I’ve gathered some of the best tips and tricks for optimizing your TV box experience so you can enjoy your content without interruptions.

Guidance on Setting up and Customize TV Box

Setting up and customizing your TV box with some simple steps can greatly enhance its performance:

Setting Up a TV Box:

  • Connection: Use an HDMI cable to connect the box to your smart TV’s HDMI input. Ensure cables are securely connected.
  • Power Supply: Connect the power adapter from the TV box to a power outlet, ensuring the cable is properly inserted.
  • Input Source: Use your TV remote to select the correct HDMI input.
  • Initial Setup: Follow on-screen instructions, which usually involve setting your language, connecting to WiFi, and logging into your account.

Customizing Settings: After the setup, delve into the settings menu to customize your preferences for an improved viewing experience:

  • Display Settings: Configure based on your display needs.
  • Audio Output: Set according to your audio system.
  • Language Preferences: Choose according to your preferred language.

Troubleshooting Common TV Box Problems

Troubleshooting Common TV Box Problems

Common issues with TV boxes, like buffering, connectivity problems, app crashes, or unresponsive remotes, can often be solved using simple strategies:

  • Restarting the Device: A quick power cycle often resolves many issues.
  • Clearing the Cache: That can speed up your device if it is running slowly.
  • Updating Firmware: Ensure your TV box has the latest software updates.
  • Factory Reset: If all else fails, this may resolve the issue but will delete all data.

To maintain optimal performance, follow these tips:

  • Update Regularly: Updating apps and firmware gives access to the latest features and bug fixes.
  • Clear Cache and Unnecessary Files: This helps maintain storage space on your device.
  • Avoid Overloading: Running too many apps or processes simultaneously could hinder performance.

By setting up correctly and maintaining your TV box, you can enjoy a seamless and optimized streaming experience.



What is the best TV box for the Philippines?

Many great TV boxes are on the market, but some of the most popular options in the Philippines include the Xiaomi Mi Box S, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max.
These TV boxes offer a variety of features, including 4K HDR output, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, voice control, and built-in streaming apps.

How do I set up my TV box?

Setting up your TV box is usually a straightforward process. Simply connect the TV box to your TV and your home network, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Most TV boxes also come with a remote control that you can use to navigate the menus and select apps.

What are some tips for optimizing my TV box experience?

There are a few things you can do to optimize your TV box experience, such as keeping your TV box software up to date, uninstalling unused apps, using a VPN to access geo-blocked content, using a Bluetooth remote control, and connecting your TV box to a wired Ethernet connection.


Recap: Which is the Best TV Box in the Philippines?

After evaluating various TV boxes in the Philippines,  I have come up with the best options for a superior streaming experience:

  • Best Android TV Box: NVIDIA SHIELD TV Box
  • Best iOS TV Box: Apple TV Box
  • Best Google TV Box: Xiaomi Mi Smart TV Box
  • Best Alexa Fire TV box: Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Best Smart TV Box: Roku TV Box
  • Best Digital TV Box: GMA Affordabox Digital TV
  • Best Affordable TV Box: MXQ Pro 4K TV Box

Ultimately, choosing the best TV box in the Philippines totally depends on individual preferences. After reading this post, I hope you can choose the type of TV box most suitable for you and immerse yourself in amazing streaming content with the right quality TV box. Happy watching!


Tony, an experienced engineer and tech enthusiast, brings his expertise to Hometoppicks, where he oversees the Electronics and Entertainment Equipment sections. With his hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends, Tony provides reliable product recommendations and valuable insights into cutting-edge tech. You can find more about him here.

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