11 Delightful Filipino Christmas Songs to Brighten the Holidays

Music plays a significant role in Filipino Christmas celebrations, setting the festive mood and bringing people together in joyful harmony. Christmas carols hold a special place in the hearts of Filipinos. Therefore, they can express the heartfelt sentiments of the season and bring the community closer.

This article will lead you to the wonderful world of Filipino Christmas songs. We also explore their history, popular tunes, and the emotions they evoke. We will also delve into these treasured songs’ rich traditions and meanings. So, let’s immerse ourselves in the delightful melodies of Filipino Christmas carols right now!


6 Traditional Filipino Christmas Carols

Traditional Pinoy Christmas songs are a unique symbol of their culture on Christmas Eve. They have a significant role in capturing the spirit of the season.

Ang Pasko ay Sumapit

Ang Pasko ay Sumapit is a popular Filipino Christmas carol that reflects the joyful spirit of the holiday season.

The song, composed by Vincent Dyzon, echoes the anticipation and excitement as Christmas draws near. Its catchy melody and lively rhythm make it a festive favorite in Filipino households. It is often sung during Christmas parties and gatherings.

Pasko Na Naman

Pasko Na Naman, written by Felipe de León, captures the essence of the Filipino Christmas celebration. The carol embodies the joy and merriment that fill the air during this special time of year. It is commonly sung in schools, churches, and community events. It is one of Pinoy’s Christmas songs as a reminder of the happiness and togetherness that festive brings.

Maligayang Pasko

Maligayang Pasko, which means “Merry Christmas” in Filipino, was composed by Jose Mari Chan. It is both a greeting and a classic Christmas carol.

The song beautifully expresses well wishes for a joyous and meaningful Christmas season. It has become an iconic part of Filipino Christmas celebrations and is often played on the radio. Or you can sing with your families as you gather to celebrate the holidays.

Noche Buena

Noche Buena is written by Mariano Vestil. This Filipino Christmas song resonates with the tradition of coming together for a grand festive feast on Christmas Eve.

The carol encapsulates the excitement and anticipation leading to the Noche Buena celebration. It serves as a reminder of the strong family ties and the importance of sharing love and happiness during this special time.



Kumukutikutitap, composed by Ryan Cayabyab, is an upbeat and lively Christmas carol. It celebrates the bright and colorful holiday season in the Philippines. The song invokes a sense of childlike wonder and awe.

It captures the beauty of Christmas lights and decorations that adorn Filipino homes. It is often performed in Christmas concerts and gatherings. Kumukutikutitap adds a joyful and vibrant atmosphere to this holiday.

Sa May Bahay Ang Aming Bati

Felipe Padilla de Leon authorizes the beloved Filipino Christmas carol Sa May Bahay Ang Aming Bati. This song expresses warm greetings to the homeowners during the holiday season.

The song symbolizes the Filipino value of hospitality and honoring the tradition of visiting homes to offer Christmas greetings. It brings a sense of camaraderie and kinship. Furthermore, it fosters the spirit of togetherness during Christmas.


5 Modern Filipino Christmas Songs

Contemporary Filipino Christmas music has played a significant role in shaping the local culture. The top 5 modern songs below add new dimensions to the traditional holiday season.

Pasko na Sinta Ko

Pasko na Sinta Ko is a heartfelt ballad composed by Francis Dandan. This song expresses longing and yearning during the Christmas season.

This enduring classic touches the hearts of Filipinos. Especially resonating with those who are separated from loved ones during the holidays. It is one of the Filipino Christmas songs beloved by people of all ages.

Miss Kita Kung Christmas

Miss Kita Kung Christmas is written by Jimmy Borja and translated by Bernie Fabiosa. With its poignant lyrics and sentimental melody, it evokes a sense of nostalgia and homesickness.

The song captures the emotions of overseas Filipinos who cannot celebrate Christmas with their families. Miss Kita Kung Christmas has become a heartfelt anthem that reflects the sacrifices and longing experienced by many during this time.

Christmas in Our Hearts

Christmas in Our Hearts is a modern Filipino Christmas song that has become an anthem of the holiday season. This classic song is composed by Jose Mari Chan. The song’s universal message of love, hope, and kindness resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds.

With its catchy melody and meaningful lyrics, Christmas in Our Hearts has become synonymous with the festivities. It spreads the spirit of Christmas throughout the Philippines and even internationally.

A Wish on A Christmas Night

A Wish on A Christmas Night is another English song composition by Jose Mari Chan. It is a whimsical and uplifting song that captures the magic and wishes associated with the Christmas season.

This joyful and melodic tune has found its way into the hearts of Filipinos. Additionally, it adds a touch of enchantment to the festive celebrations. It reflects the childlike wonder and belief in miracles that are inherent during Christmas.

Sa Araw ng Pasko

Sa Araw ng Pasko is a contemporary Pinoy Christmas song that significantly influences local culture. Written by Jimmy Borja and arranged by Ryan Cayabyab, the song celebrates the true spirit of Christmas in the Philippines. Its positive and inspiring lyrics make it an anthem of love, unity, and giving.

It encourages Filipinos to spread kindness and joy during the holiday season. The song’s popularity has reinforced the importance of these values in Filipino culture. It is a beloved part of the annual Christmas traditions.


Popularity and Impact of Filipino Christmas Songs

Filipino Christmas music holds a rich historical and cultural significance. It dates back to the Spanish colonial period when the Spanish friars introduced religious hymns to the Philippines. Over time, these traditional hymns evolved and combined with indigenous melodies and lyrical themes.

Then, it resulted in uniquely Filipino Christmas compositions. The strong influence of Catholicism in the Philippines is reflected in the religious undertones of many Christmas songs. They highlight the importance of faith and spirituality during the holiday season.

Until now, Pinoy Christmas songs and carols have profoundly impacted traditions and celebrations in the Philippines. They serve as a unifying force, bringing communities together in song and dance.

Carolers, or “Magpa Pako,” go from house to house singing Christmas songs. They spread joy and foster a sense of togetherness during the holiday season. These songs also evoke nostalgia and pride in Filipino culture, instilling a sense of national identity.

Christmas song competitions, known as “parol-making and caroling contests,” are held in schools and communities. They also showcased the Filipinos’ talent and emphasized the significance of Christmas music in Filipino society. Pinoy Christmas songs play a vital role in preserving traditions and shaping the unique Christmas experience in the Philippines.

Filipino Christmas Songs

Tips for Creating a Filipino Christmas Songs Playlist

You can create and immerse a festive Pinoy Christmas songs playlist on YouTube or music streaming apps. Additionally, if you want to sing these songs with your relatives, consider using the karaoke apps on smart TVs to enhance the experience. You can connect with speakers or soundbar for a more immersive karaoke experience.

For a well-rounded playlist, include a variety of songs for different moods and moments. You can play traditional to modern songs or from bustling to melodious songs. Start with upbeat party songs like “Mano Po, Ninong” or “Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit” to liven up your gatherings and get everyone dancing. These cheerful tunes will infuse joy and excitement into the festivities.

For more mellow and reflective moments, include classic carols like “Pasko Na Sinta Ko” or “Kumukutikutitap.” These melodic and emotional songs are perfect for quiet evenings or intimate family gatherings. They allow everyone to bask in the warm and sentimental atmosphere of the season.

Don’t forget to include popular contemporary Christmas songs such as “Christmas in Our Hearts” or “Sana Ngayong Pasko.” They will give your playlist a modern touch and keep it relevant to younger generations.

With a diverse selection of songs, your Filipino Christmas songs playlist will capture the true essence of the holiday season. Let’s create an enchanting musical backdrop for your celebrations.



Filipino Christmas songs hold a special place in the hearts of Filipinos and play a significant role in local culture. These songs and melodies capture the essence of the festive season, reflecting the values of love, unity, and faith that Filipinos hold dear. Filipino Christmas music has the power to evoke emotions and create lasting memories.

We encourage you to embrace the spirit of Filipino Christmas as the holiday season draws near. Let’s incorporate these popular songs and carols into your celebrations. Sing along, dance, and let the music fill your hearts with the joy and love that Christmas brings.



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