Karaoke App for Smart TV: 7 Must-Have Apps to Boost Your Fun

The popularity of Karaoke has skyrocketed over the years thanks to its interesting essence. With the rise of smart TVs, people no longer need to invest in a dedicated karaoke machine. Instead, they can sing with karaoke apps on their smart TV right from the comfort of their homes.

This article will explore the best karaoke app for smart TV, highlighting their features, song libraries, and interactive interfaces. This guide will help you find the perfect karaoke app for your smart TV and how to install it. Don’t wait anymore; let’s dive right in!


Top 7 Best Karaoke App for Smart TVs

With hundreds of karaoke apps rampant online, it’s hard to find a reasonable app that is compatible with TV. Check out our top 8 best karaoke apps for a smart TV that offers a fun and convenient karaoke experience from home.


Best Karaoke App for TV Karafun
  • Subscription fee: 396 PHP/ month
  • Compatibility: Android and Apple TV

KaraFun has become one of the best karaoke apps on the market. It offers a professional karaoke experience for most types of smart TVs. Although it has a subscription fee, it is extremely affordable, with only 396 PHP per month.


  • Professional-quality karaoke tracks with synchronized lyrics.
  • Extensive song library with regular updates.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Multiple modes for different singing preferences.
  • Option to customize the key and tempo of songs.


  • Requires registration and subscription to access all features.
  • It may require a powerful internet connection.
  • Limited social interaction or community features.


Singa Karaoke App
  • Subscription fee: Free or Paid (566 PHP/month)
  • Compatibility: Android TV

Singa app offers a vast library of over 80,000 songs, ensuring you always find something to sing. It is installed free but has some subscripted options for you to pursue your passion for singing.


  • Optional to subscribe to free or paid plans.
  • Various song libraries with a wide range of genres and languages.
  • User-friendly interface with easy search and browsing functions.
  • Option to sing solo or duet and compete against friends online.
  • Ability to create playlists and favorite songs.


  • The subscription may cost too much.
  • Occasional lag and buffering issues during streaming.
  • Limited customization options for vocals and sound effects.
  • Only compatible with Android TV.


Smart TV Karaoke App Smule
  • Subscription fee: Free or Paid (451 PHP/month or 2,263 PHP/year)
  • Compatibility: Android, Apple, Samsung, LG TV

One of the best karaoke apps for smart TV is Smule, which you ought to use to sing along with buddies. It provides a dynamic karaoke experience with a wide selection of songs and interactive features. However, accessing full albums or features may come with a small fee.


  • Vast song library with diverse genres.
  • Social interaction through duets and collaborations.
  • Ability to record and share performances.
  • Engaging features like voice filters and pitch correction.
  • High-quality audio output for karaoke sessions.
  • It can be compatible with almost any smart TV.


  • Subscription required for full VIP access to features.
  • Some latency issues during live performances.
  • Limited song selection for free users.
  • Occasional app glitches and crashes.

The Karaoke Channel

The Karaoke Channel
  • Subscription: 3,396 PHP/year
  • Compatibility: LG, Samsung, and Sharp Smart TVs

A wide variety of songs are available for customers to enjoy on the well-known karaoke site, The Karaoke Channel. It will bring you a comprehensive karaoke experience.


  • A huge number of songs are in multiple genres and languages.
  • High-quality sound and video output.
  • Easy-to-navigate interface with simple search functions.
  • Option to customize vocal effects and enhance the performance.
  • Ability to create and save custom playlists.


  • Subscription costs may be too high for some users.
  • Occasional technical glitches and slow loading times.
  • No option to interact or duet with other users.
  • Limited compatibility with smart TV brands.

Karaoke Anywhere

Karaoke Anywhere - App for Smart TV
  • Subscription: Free or Paid (566 PHP/month)
  • Compatibility: Android and Apple TV

Karaoke Anywhere is ideal if you are looking for another best karaoke app for smart TV. It also provides a wide selection of songs and user-friendly features. It is free to download and use initially, but you can upgrade to the full version if you’d like.


  • About 50,000 song libraries with thousands of options.
  • Easy-to-use interface and compatible with various TVs.
  • High-quality sound output for an immersive karaoke experience.
  • Option to connect and use external microphones.
  • Ability to create customized playlists and organize favorites.


  • Need a subscription to access more songs.
  • A reliable internet connection might be necessary.
  • Interface design could be more visually appealing.


karaoke app for smart tv Starmaker
  • Subscription: Free
  • Compatibility: Android and Apple TV

The Starmaker app offers a free karaoke experience with a thriving community and various singing modes. However, the limited song choices and occasional technical issues can sometimes hinder the user experience.


  • Access to a large selection of tracks is free.
  • Active and supportive community for sharing performances.
  • Option to record and share performances with others.
  • Multiple singing modes to suit different preferences.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.


  • Some popular songs and features may require payment.
  • Occasional app glitches and technical issues.
  • Limited customization options for recording and editing.
  • Ads may disrupt the karaoke experience.

Sing Karaoke by Stingray

Sing Karaoke by Stingray
  • Subscription: Free or Paid (213 PHP/week)
  • Compatibility: Android and Apple TV

Sing by Stingray app is the best affordable karaoke app for becoming a singer. It offers an interactive and entertaining experience with various features.


  • Huge song library resources.
  • Built-in scoring system to track performance accuracy.
  • Option to record and playback performances.
  • Easy integration with a smart TV for seamless setup.


  • Additional fees for song updates and licensing.
  • Limited customization of vocals or sound effects options.
  • User interfaces can be outdated and difficult to navigate.
  • Only compatible with Apple and Android TV models.

How to Install and Use Karaoke Apps on Smart TVs

Installing and using a Karaoke app for smart TVs is straightforward. Once installed, you can open up a world of singing and entertainment from your living room. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started:

Step 1: Check Smart TV Compatibility

Before installing any karaoke app, ensure that your smart TV supports app installation. Most modern smart TVs have built-in app stores or support popular app platforms. Check the manufacturer’s website or user manual to confirm app compatibility.

Step 2: Search for Karaoke Apps

Turn on your smart TV and look for the app store (varies depending on your TV’s brand). Then, open the app store to begin the installation process.

Find karaoke apps by using the app store’s search feature. Some popular options include “Smule,” “Singa,” “Karaoke Anywhere, etc. Each app offers unique features, song libraries, and interfaces, so explore the options to find the one that suits your preferences.

How to Install Karaoke Apps on TV

Step 3: Install the Karaoke App

There are multiple methods to install the Karaoke app on your smart TV:

  • Install Directly: Click the “Install” or “Download” button next to the karaoke software you want to use after choosing it from the search results. The app will now appear in your smart TV’s library or home screen.
  • USB Drive: If your smart TV supports it, you can download a karaoke app onto a USB drive from another device. Then, plug the USB drive into the TV. After recognizing it on the USB stick, the TV should ask you to install the app.
  • Mobile Companion Apps: Some smart TVs allow you to control and install apps through a mobile companion app. First, download the companion app on your tablet or smartphone. They should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smart TV and follow the instructions to install apps remotely.

Step 4: Launch the Karaoke App

Navigate to the app library or home screen and find the installed karaoke app. Push on its icon to launch the app. Follow any initial setup prompts, such as making an account or logging in using your credentials.

Step 5: Search and Choose Songs

Once inside the karaoke app, you can search and browse a wide selection of songs. Use the search bar or filters to find your favorite tracks or explore new genres. Some karaoke apps also offer recommendations based on your preferences.

Consult our post to explore the top interesting OPM songs for karaoke in the Philippines.

Step 6: Customize the Karaoke Experience

Many karaoke apps allow you to customize the experience to suit your preferences. You can adjust settings such as background videos, vocal or music volume levels, key changes, and recording options. Explore the app’s settings menu to personalize your karaoke sessions.

Suppose your favorite karaoke apps are not available for smart TVs. Don’t worry; you can still enjoy your singing time by mirroring your phone to a smart TV screen. Check out our: relevant instructions below to cast your devices:

Tips to Enhance Your Karaoke Experience

Tips to Enhance Your Karaoke Experience

After exploring the best karaoke app for smart TV, let’s enhance your karaoke experience. Here are some tips to improve the audio quality and settings and take it to the next level:

  • Optimize Audio Settings: Adjust the audio settings on your smart TV and karaoke app to get the best sound output. Explore equalizer presets or audio enhancements to find the most suitable settings for your preferences. Experiment with different settings to achieve optimal sound quality.
  • Use External Microphones: Consider using external microphones instead of the built-in microphone on your smart TV. External microphones are designed for singing and can provide better audio clarity and volume. To elaborate, check out the top-rated Karaoke microphone in the Philippines here.
  • Connect to External Speakers: Connecting your TV to external speakers can significantly enhance the sound output. Look for speakers with balanced sound quality, good bass response, and adequate power output. Bluetooth-enabled speakers offer the added convenience of wireless connectivity.
  • Improve Room Acoustics – Adjust your room environment to enhance acoustics. Avoid excessive reflections by using carpets or curtains to dampen sound reflections. Create a dedicated karaoke corner with sound-absorbing materials like acoustic foam panels or soundproof curtains.
  • Practice Proper Singing Technique – Practice proper singing techniques to improve your singing capabilities. Control your breathing, warm up your voice before singing, and try to maintain pitch and rhythm. That will make your karaoke sessions more enjoyable and improve your singing abilities.
  • Consider Karaoke Mixers or Amplifiers – For those looking to elevate their sound quality, consider investing in a karaoke mixer or amplifier. These devices allow you to control and fine-tune the audio signals and adjust individual microphone volumes.


FAQs about Karaoke Apps on Smart TV
Can I use my microphone to sing with karaoke apps on my smart TV?

Yes. You can use your own microphone to sing along with karaoke apps on your smart TV if it’s compatible with your TV and app. Go into your smart TV’s Bluetooth settings to pair the microphone.

Can I record my karaoke performances on a smart TV?

Yes, you can. Some smart TVs have built-in screen recording capabilities, which you can use to record your performance. Alternatively, you can connect an external recording device to your smart TV, such as a USB drive or a DVD recorder.

Do karaoke apps on smart TVs have song lyrics?

Yes, most smart TV karaoke apps display song lyrics to help you sing along.

Are there karaoke apps that support duets or dueling performances on smart TVs?

Yes. Many karaoke apps support duets or dueling performances on smart TVs, such as Duet Karaoke, Karafun, etc. They allow you to sing together with another person or compete with each other in a karaoke-style format.

Can I use my smart TV as a karaoke machine without an internet connection?

Yes. Suppose you have pre-downloaded or saved karaoke tracks. In that case, you can use your smart TV as a karaoke machine without an internet connection. However, some karaoke apps require internet access to their song libraries.


Recap: Which are the Best Karaoke Apps for Smart TV?

Karaoke apps on smart TVs offer a fun and interactive way to enjoy singing at home. Several great karaoke apps with unique features and benefits are available for smart TVs. If you prefer a free Karaoke app, find and install StarMaker. To fully enjoy hot songs with special features, sing with KaraFun at an affordable price.

We encourage readers to explore the world of Karaoke app for smart TV and try out these other apps to find the perfect fit for their needs and preferences. Let loose, sing your heart out, and have a great time with friends and family!



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