Smart TV vs Android TV: Understanding 5 Key Differences

Smart and Android TV are popular television concepts with key differences and advantages. Smart TVs refer to any television capable of an internet connection and accessing online content. On the other hand, Android TVs use a specific Android operating system developed by Google for smart TVs.

Smart TV vs Android TV: Similar or not? This article will briefly compare the difference between Smart TV and Android TV, highlighting their features and functionalities. We will help you understand each type to choose your next suitable television.


What is a Smart TV?

Smart television

Smart TV, also known as Internet TV, has integrated internet connectivity. Along with the traditional TV features, a Smart TV can connect to the internet wirelessly or via Ethernet cable. Therefore, you can access online content such as streaming services, websites, and social media applications on your TV. Several smart TV brands are available, including Samsung TV, Apple TV, and Google TV.

Features of Smart TVs

One of the most significant features of Smart TVs is their ability to access various applications. Most smart TVs have an app library with pre-installed apps like Netflix, Youtube, and Prime Video. Additionally, users can install and download apps from an app store, depending on the smart TV operating system.

Smart TVs features

Smart television can be compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. With voice recognition technology, users can control the Smart TV using voice commands, making the TV interaction with voice assistant much more hands-free and convenient.

Smart TVs can also connect with other smart devices in the home, such as smart speakers, mobile phones, or security systems. It can provide additional features like remote control operation and video slideshow.

Smart TV Pros and Cons

Smart TVs bring many benefits for enhancing our entertainment and increasing convenience using the TV experience. Here are some Smart TV Pros:

  • Internet connectivity allows access to a wide range of online content.
  • Pre-installed apps provide convenient access to popular streaming platforms.
  • Ability to download and install additional apps to enhance the TV’s functionality.
  • Integration with voice assistants for hands-free control.
  • Compatibility with other smart devices for seamless integration and expanded functionality.
Benefits and drawbacks of Smart television

However, they also come with minor downsides:

  • Cost may be higher than normal TV products.
  • Possible security and privacy concerns due to internet connectivity.
  • User interfaces vary among TV brands, leading to app availability, navigation, and performance differences.
  • App updates and support may vary, leading to potential compatibility issues or discontinued features.
  • Reliance on a strong and stable internet connection for optimal streaming performance.

What is an Android TV?

Android TV and Android TV boxes

Android TV is a smart TV as well, but it is built on the Android platform, modified for set-top boxes and software embedded into smart TV hardware. That means smart TVs can be Android TVs or non-Android smart TVs.

Android TVs run with Android OS. It offers a user-friendly interface and access to many apps, streaming services, and games.

Features of Android TVs

Android TVs come with numerous enticing features that transform the viewing experience significantly.

  • User-friendly interface: The hallmark of Android TV is its user-friendly interface. Powered by the Android operating system, its vertical-scrolling design and customizable home screen make navigation a breeze for users. Moreover, the home screen provides content recommendations from various apps, facilitating swift actions directly from the home screen.
  • Access to a variety of apps: Another noteworthy feature is its wide coverage of apps for you to stream movies, games, and other entertainment. It offers the freedom to download and install apps from the Google Play Store, providing ample entertainment, productivity, and gaming choices. Moreover, Android TV is integrated with Chromecast, permitting the casting of content from compatible Android devices to the TV – a handy feature for Android phone users.
  • Voice search functionality: Many Android TVs come equipped with voice search functionality, making it easy for users to search content, control their TV, and access apps, all through voice commands.
  • Built-in Google Assistant: This feature takes hands-free control to the next level, allowing users to interact with their TV and perform tasks like playing content, checking the weather, or managing smart home devices.

In general, Android TV is a compelling option for anyone in the market for a smart TV platform.

Android TV Pros and Cons

There are various advantages that Android TVs create to satisfy users’ experience. Some Android TV pros, such as:

  • Streaming services and apps, come in a variety.
  • Customizable home screen with content recommendations.
  • Google Assistant integration, allowing voice control and smart home device control.
  • Cast content from Android smartphones and other devices with Chromecast.
  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation.

They also have some limited cons:

  • Limited availability in some regions.
  • Limited app selection and updates compared to smartphones or tablets.
  • Hardware performance and features vary across different TV models.
  • Remote control functionality may not be as intuitive as traditional TV remotes for some users.

Differences Between Smart TV and Android TV: Comparison

Difference between smart tv and android tv

Smart and Android TV are both smart entertainment systems. You may think they are similar, but it’s practically not. So what is the key difference between Smart TV vs. Android TV?


Smart TV

Android TV

Design and physical attributes

Built-in internet connectivity and smart features.

Design and physical attributes can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Run on Android operating system powered Google.

Follow specific design guidelines recommended by Google

Physical attributes can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Software and firmware

Run on their own smart TV operating systems developed by the TV manufacturers (Samsung’s Tizen OS, LG’s webOS, Sony’s Android OS).

Receive firmware updates from the manufacturer to provide bug fixes, security patches, and, occasionally, additional features.

Run on the Android operating system.

Receive firmware updates from Google to improve performance, add new features, and address security vulnerabilities.

Offer a wide range of apps, games, and customization options.

Remote control and voice assistant

Come with remote control, which varies between manufacturers and models.

Some have basic remote control, while others offer more advanced features.

It can use various voice assistants.

Come with a remote control with dedicated buttons for quick access to Google Assistant.

Easily switch channels.

Gaming compatibility

Support playing games to some extent.

The gaming capabilities depend on the manufacturer and operating system.

Limited apps.

Play games supported through the Google Play Store.

App support with Google-related applications.

Price in the Philippines

Smart TVs can be found at various prices, ranging from more affordable options to high-end models with premium features.

Android TVs are priced slightly higher due to the more advanced and feature-rich platform.



smart tv vs android tv Q&A
Android TV vs. Smart TV: Which should I choose?

Choosing between Smart TV and Android TV depends on your preferences. Based on their operating system, smart TVs provide a diverse set of apps and functionalities. Android TV gives you access to Google Play Store and additional customization options.

Can I mirror my smartphone screen on both Android TV and Smart TV?

Smart and Android TV can screen mirror your smartphone, allowing you to watch videos or view content from an Android phone as an input device to a larger display. However, the process and compatibility may vary depending on the TV model and smartphone. You can learn how to mirror your phone to smart TV here.

Do Smart TV and Android TV receive software updates regularly?

Android and Smart TVs receive software updates, but the frequency and duration of updates can vary. The developers regularly push the latest app versions to enhance the quality of services. Choosing a reputable brand that provides regular updates is important to ensure security and access to new features.

Should I buy a smart TV with Android?

Whether to buy a smart TV with Android depends on your specific needs. Android TV includes a plethora of apps and Google Assistant integration, making it a good choice if you prefer the Android ecosystem and want more customization options. However, research the specific Android TV model for its features and performance.


Final Thoughts on Smart TV vs Android TV

Which one should we choose?

In conclusion, the choice between Android TV vs. Smart TV comes down to your specific needs and preferences. Both of them bring basic features and a nice user-friendly interface. However, there are some differences between Android and Smart TV.

Smart TVs offer various designs and physical attributes with their manufacturer-developed operating systems. An Android TV run on the Android operating system, offering more customization options and access to the Google Play Store with a wide range of options.

When purchasing a new TV, consider your desired level of customization, access to apps, and gaming capabilities. An Android TV may be better if you prefer a more customizable and feature-rich experience with access to a broader range of apps and games.

If you are content with basic smart features and don’t require extensive customization or gaming options, a Smart TV may suffice. Ultimately, make the best option that aligns with your needs and budget.



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